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April, 1923 





United States Government Publications 


Department of Agriculture 4 

Annual Reports 4 

Bureau of Plant Industry 4 

Bureau of Soils 4 

Commission of Agriculture 4 

Department Bulletins 4 

Farmers' Bulletins 5 

Irrigation Map 5 

Journal of Agricultural Research 5 

Office of Experiment Stations 5 

Office of Irrigation Inquiry 8 

Weather Bureau 8 

Yearbook 8 

Congress 8 

Documents and Reports 8 

Hearings of Committees 11 

Department of Commerce and Labor 12 

Census Bureau 12 

Governors' Conference 12 

Department of the Interior - 12 

Ail-American Canal Board 12 

Census Office 12 

Geological Survey 13 

Annual Reports 13 

Water Supply Papers 14 

Reclamation Service 20 

Annual Reports 20 

Reports 20 

* Division of Irrigation Investigations and Practice. 

State of California Publications 


Board of Agriculture 23 

Agricultural Society 23 

Agricultural Experiment Station, University of California 25 

Attorney-General 32 

Conservation Commission 32 

Engineering Department 32 

Fruit Growers' Convention 36 

Board of Health 36 

Horticultural Commission 37 

Irrigation District Bond Commission 37 

Journals of the Senate and Assembly 3? 

Commission of Public Works 39 

Department of Public Works 39 

Railroad Commission 40 

Reclamation Board 40 

Surveyor-General 40 

Water Commission 41 

Water Problems Conference 41 


Societies and Organizations 

American Society of Civil Engineers 42 

American Society of Irrigation Engineers 43 

California Development Board 43 

California State Irrigation Convention 43 

Commonwealth Club 44 

First Water Congress of Southern California 45 

International Irrigation Congress 45 

Technical Society of the Pacific Coast 47 

Board of Trade 47 

Miscellaneous 47 


Supplemental list of irrigation publications of Irrigation Investigations, United 

States Department of Agriculture, of general application to California... 51 

Department Bulletins 51 

Farmers' Bulletins 52 

Journal of Agricultural Research 53 

Office of Experiment Stations 53 

Important Government and State of California publications issued subsequent 

to completion of preceding list 55 

Subject Index 57 

Author Index 61 


Irrigation touches practically every field of California agriculture 
and as a result a very considerable literature on the subject has 
accumulated. Unfortunately, however, this literature is so scattered 
through the publications of different departments, bureaus, offices, 
and divisions of various government and state agencies, and through 
the publications of semi-public associations of one form or another, 
that only specialists in the subject are at all familiar with what has 
been written on irrigation in California, or with the large amount of 
investigational and experimental work along irrigation lines that has 
been prosecuted in California. 

The purpose of this circular is not only to assist the irrigation 
specialist who desires to keep fully abreast with the information on 
his subject that is available in printed form, but also to interest 
farmers, students, engineers, lawyers, and the general public in a 
broader knowledge of the historical background of the development 
and practice of irrigation in California. 

This list is not intended to be a complete bibliography of the sub- 
ject, being confined to publications issued by public or semi-public 
agencies or institutions. Textbooks are are not included because of 
their general application, although it might be added that in Cali- 
fornia the following are generally accepted as standard, viz. : Hilgard, 
1 'Soils," containing many references to irrigation in California; 
Wickson, ''California Fruits and How to Grow Them"; Fortier, "Use 
of Water in Irrigation ' ' ; Etcheverry, ' ' Irrigation Practice and Engi- 
neering"; Harding, "Operation and Maintenance of Irrigation Sys- 
tems"; Chandler, "Elements of Western Water Law"; and Wiel, 
"Water Rights in the Western States." Standard periodicals con- 
taining frequent references to the subject include the Pacific Rural 
Press, California Cultivator, Engineering News-Record, Journal of 
Electricity and Western Industry, Agricultural Engineering, and the 
Reclamation Record. 

Publications or articles listed are in the main available in the 
library of the University of California at Berkeley, although a number 
of other libraries were searched in preparing the list, as well as Miss 
Ellen A. Hedrick's "List of References to Publications Relating to 
Irrigation and Land Drainage," published in 1902 by the library of 
the United States Department of Agriculture. 

Acknowledgement is made of the helpful assistance of Miss E. M. 
Coulter, Reference Librarian of the University of California library. 




1. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. Annual Reports. Irri- 

gation in California. In annual report for 1874, pp. 352- 

362. 1875. 

Summary of report on irrigation of San Joaquin, Tulare and Sacra- 
mento valleys, California, by B. S. Alexander, Geo. H. Mendell, and 
George Davidson. (See entry No. 49.) 

2. Bureau of Plant Industry. Preliminary report on rice 

culture in Sacramento Valley, by C. E. Chambliss. Cir. 97, 
pp. 10. 1912. 

Results of 2-year test of 300 varieties of rice near Biggs; sugges- 
tions as to methods of culture, including irrigation. 

3. Bureau of Soils. Soil surveys containing miscellaneous 

reference to irrigation issued for the following areas of Cali- 

Anaheim (1916); Bakersfield (1904); Butte Valley (1907); Colusa 
(1907); El Centro (1918); Fresno (1900 and 1912); Grass Valley 
(1918); Hanford (1901); Healdsburg (1915); Honey Lake (1915); 
Imperial (1901 and 1903); Indio (1903); Klamath Reclamation (1908); 
Livermore (1910; Los Angeles (1903 and 1916); Lower Salinas Val- 
ley (1901); Lower San Joaquin Reconnaissance (1915); Madera 
(1910) ; Marysville (1909) ; Merced (1914) ; Middle San Joaquin Recon- 
naissance (1916); Modesto-Turlock (1908); Pajaro Valley (1908); 
Pasadena (1915); Porterville (1908); Redding (1907); Red Bluff 
(1910); Riverside (1915); Sacramento (1904); Sacramento Valley 
Reconaissance (1913); San Bernardino (1904); San Diego Recon- 
naissance (1917); San Fernando (1915); San Francisco Bay Recon- 
naissance (1914); San Gabriel (1901); San Jose (1903); Santa Ana 
(1900); Santa Maria (1916); Southern California Reconnaissance 
(1917); Stockton (1905); Ukiah (1914); Upper San Joaquin Recon- 
naissance (1917); Ventura (1901 and 1917); Willits (1918); Wood- 
land (1909); Yuma (1904). 

4. Commission of Agriculture. Report on the climate and 

agricultural features and the agricultural practice and needs 
of the arid regions of the Pacific Slope, by E. W. Hilgard, 
T. C. Jones, and R. W. Furnas, pp. 182. 1882. 

Irrigation in California, pp. 26-27; irrigable lands of California, 
pp. 27-28; effects of irrigation on alkali soils, pp. 43-44; subirrigation 
vs. surface irrigation, pp. 46-50; land and river waters of the great 
valley and their quality for irrigation purposes, pp. 50-54. 

Department Bulletin. Progress report of Cooperative Irri- 

gation experiments at California University Farm, Davis, Cal., 
1909-1912, by S. II. Beckett. Bull. 10, pp. 21. 1913. 

Results of irrigation experiments with alfalfa, grain, Indian and 
Egyptian corn, and sugar beets. 

Circular 260] LIST 0F irrigation REFERENCES 5 

The use of concrete pipe in irrigation, by F. W. 

Stanley. Bull. 906, pp. 54. 1921. 

Methods of manufacture, laying, and costs of concrete pipe with 
discussion of measuring devices and other appliances. (Based on 
investigations made in California.) 

Farmer's Bulletin. The culture of rice in California, by 

Charles E. Chambliss. Bull. 688, pp. 20. 1915. 

Irrigation, pp. 7-9. Eesults of experiments at Biggs Eice Field 
station and study of conditions under which rice is grown in California. 

Irrigation in fruit growing', by E. J. Wickson. Bull. 

116, pp. 48. 1900. 

Relation of irrigation to fruit growing; irrigation methods used 
on Pacific Coast. 

9. Rice growing in California, by Charles E. Chambliss. 

Bull. 1141, pp. 20. 1920. 

Sources of water, p. 7; preparing fields for irrigation, p. 8; time 
to apply irrigation water, pp. 13-14. 

10. Irrigation Map of California. Published by Bureau of Pub- 
lic Roads in cooperation with California State Department of 
Engineering, College of Agriculture of the University of Cali- 
fornia, and California State Water Commission. 79 by 93 
inches. 1922. (Also published in separates for northern, 
central and southern California.) 

11. Journal of Agricultural Research. Effect of pumping 

from a shallow well on the ground-water table, by W. W. Weir. 
Vol. 11, No. 7, pp. 339-357. 1917. 

Discusses soil, method of procedure and interpretation of results, 
with charts showing ground water curves. 

12. Studies on capacities of soils for irrigation water, 

and on a new method of determining volume weight, by O. W. 
Israelsen. Vol. 13, No. 1, pp. 36. 1918. 

Observations made in connection with study of economical duty of 
water for alfalfa in Sacramento Valley. 1910 to 1915. 

13. Office of Experiment Stations. Distribution and use of 

water in Modesto and Turlock districts, California, by Frank 
Adams. In Bull. 158, pp. 93-139. 1905. (Part of Irrigation 
and Drainage Investigations annual report for 1904.) 

14. Distribution of water in the soil in furrow irrigation, 

by R. H. Loughridge. Bull. 203, pp. 63. 1908. 

Eesults of investigations in southern California. Part of general 
study of losses of water in irrigation and their prevention. 

15. Drainage of irrigated lands in the San Joaquin 

Valley, by S. Fortier and V. M. Cone. Bull. 217, pp. 58. 1909. 

Eesults of two-year experiments on drainage of lands in San 

Joaquin Valley injured by rise of ground water and accumulation of 

alkali to determine practicability of systematic drainage as remedy. 


16. Duty of water in Tule River basin, California, by 

A. E. Chandler. In Bull. 119, pp. 159-189. 1902. 

Description of Tule Biver ditches with results of investigations 
made as to duty of water and return per acre-foot of water used. 
(Part of Irrigation Investigations annual report of 1901.) 

17. Duty of water under Gage Canal, Riverside, Cal., by 

W. Irving. In Bull. 86, pp. 131-148. 1900. 

General discussion of system and results of actual measurements 
made. (Part of Irrigation Investigations annual report for 1899.) 
(Also published as House Doc. 466, 56 Cong., 2 Sess.) 

18. Duty of water under Gage Canal, Riverside, Cal., 

1900, by W. Irving. In Bull. 104, pp. 137-146. 1901. 

Continuation of studies begun in 1899 (See entry No. 17.) 

19. Duty of water under Gage Canal, Riverside, Cal., by 

W. Irving. In Bull. 119, pp. 146-159. 1902. 

Continuation of studies made in 1899 and 1901. (See entries 
nos. 17 and 18.) 

20. Evaporation losses in irrigation and water require- 
ments of crops, by Samuel Fortier. Bull. 177, pp. 64. 1907. 

Eesults in different parts of California showing amount of water 
lost by evaporation from soil and water surfaces and extent to which 
losses can be avoided. 

21. Irrigation conditions in Imperial Valley, California, by J. E. 
Roadhouse. In Bull. 158, pp. 175-194. 1905. 

General conclusions based on field observations made in summer 
of 1903. (Part of Irrigation and Drainage Investigations annual 
report for 1904.) 

22. Irrigation in California, by F. W. Roeding. Bull. 

237, pp. 62. 1911. 

General conditions of State with description of various irrigation 
enterprises in the State. 

23. ■ Irrigation in Santa Clara Valley, California, by S. 

Fortier. In Bull. 158, pp. 77-91. 1905. 

Comparison of methods and cost of various irrigation systems in 
valley; pumping for irrigation. (Part of Irrigation and Drainage 
Investigations annual report for 1904.) 

24. Irrigation in the Sacramento Valley, California, by 

Samuel Fortier. Bull. 207, pp. 99. 1909. 

Advantages to be derived from irrigation with discusison of pos- 
sibilities, methods and costs. Data on several large systems. 

25. Irrigation in the San Joaquin Valley, California, by 

V. M. Cone. Bull. 239, pp. 62. 1911. 

Possibilities and advantages of irrigation and cost of water with 
description of systems and lands irrigated by each. 

26. Irrigation resources of California and their utiliza- 
tion, by Frank Adams. Bull. 254, pp. 99. 1913. 

Summary of data presented in full in California Conservation 
Commission report (see entry No. 257) and also discussion of six 
typical sections with regard to character of use of water under 
present law. (Includes irrigation maps of northern, central and 
southern California.) 

Circular 260] LIST 0F irrigation REFERENCES 7 

27. Irrigation systems on Stony Creek, Cal., by W. T. 

Clarke and C. W. Landis. In Bull. 133, pp. 151-165. 1903. 

Results of investigations of existing use of water and necessity of 
irrigation. (Part of Irrigation Investigations annual report for 1902.) 

28. Mechanical tests of pumps and pumping plants used 

for irrigation, by J. N. Le Conte. In Bull. 158, pp. 195-255. 

Eesults of field tests made to determine cost of operation and 
efficiency of pumping plants. (Part of Irrigation and Drainage In- 
vestigations annual report for 1904.) 

29. Mechanical tests of pumping plants in California, by 

J. N. Le Conte and C. E. Tait. Bull. 181, pp. 72. 1907. 
Continuation of field tests. (See entry No. 28.) 

30. Preliminary plans and estimates for drainage of 

Fresno district, California, by C. G. Elliott. Cir. 50, pp. 9. 

Conclusions from survey of 300 square miles of territory to deter- 
mine best method of drainage. Plans and estimates for 25 square 
miles of fruit lands. 

31. Progress report of Cooperative Irrigation Investiga- 
tions in California, by Samuel Fortier. Cir. 59, pp. 23. 1904. 
Summary of work done: Tests of pumping plants, evaporation, 
irrigation in fruit growing, preparation of land for irrigation, investi- 
gations in Modesto and Turlock irrigation districts, publications, and 
plans for 1905. 

32. Relation of irrigation to yield, size, quality and com- 
mercial suitability of fruits, by E. J. Wickson. In Bull. 158, 
pp. 141-174. 1905. 

Conclusions drawn from replies to inquiries sent out through 
western states. 

33. Report of Irrigation Investigations in California 

under direction of Elwood Mead. Bull. 100, pp. 411. 1901. 

Contents: The agricultural situation in California, by Elwood 
Mead, pp. 17-69; The irrigation problems of Honey Lake Valley, by 
William E. Smythe, pp. 71-113; Features and water rights of Yuba 
Eiver, California, by Marsden Manson, pp. 115-154; Irrigation investi- 
gations on Cache Creek, by J. M. Wilson, pp. 155-191; Report on irri- 
gation problems in the Salinas Valley, by Charles D. Marx, pp. 
193-213; Irrigation from the San Joaquin Eiver, by Frank Soule, pp. 
215-258; Water appropriations from Kings River, by C. E. Grunsky, 
pp. 259-325; A study of water rights on the Los Angeles River, 
California, by Edward M. Boggs, pp. 327-351; Problems of water 
storage on terrential streams of southern California as typified by 
Sweetwater and San Jacinto rivers, by James D. Schuyler, pp. 
353-395; Recommendations of special agents and experts, pp. 397-400. 

(Also published as Sen. Doc. 108, 56 Cong. 2 Sess.) 

34. Second progress report of Cooperative Irrigation In- 
vestigations in California, by Frank Adams. Cir. 108, pp. 39. 

Summary of work thus far carried on, and of water right situation 
in California. 


35. Studies of the subterranean water supply of the San 

Bernardino Valley and its utilization, by E. W. Hilgard. In 
Bull. 119, pp. 103-146. 1902. 

Discussion of geological formation of San Bernardino Valley and 
water supply. 

36. Supplemental report on drainage in the Fresno dis- 
trict, California, by C. G. Elliott. Cir. 57, pp. 5. 1905. 

Continuation of former study to determine amount of water to be 
removed. (See entry No. 30.) 

37. Use of Underground water for irrigation at Pomona, 

California, by C. E. Tait. Bull. 236, pp. 99. 1912. (First 
issued, 1911.) 

Problems of irrigators, methods employed, and progress made in 
economical use of water. 

38. Office of Irrigation Inquiry. Report on irrigation and the 

cultivation of the soil thereby, by Richard J. Hinton, pp. 458. 

Irrigation in states and territories, California, pp. 81-131; methods 
of applying water to land in central portions of California, by C. E. 
Grunsky, pp. 307-322. 

(Also published as Sen. Exec. Doc. 41, Pt. 1, 52 Cong., 1 Sess.) 

39. Weather Bureau. Forecasting water supply in California, 

by A. G. McAdie. In Monthly, Vol. 41, No. 7, pp. 1092-1093. 
July, 1913. 

Discussion of principles and factors involved. 

40. Yearbook. Climate, soil character and irrigation methods 

of California, by C. W. Irish. In 1895 Yearbook, pp. 475-486. 

Eainfall, character of soil where irrigation is practiced, amount of 
water used, how irrigation is practiced. 

41. CONGRESSIONAL DOCUMENTS. Ceding the arid lands to 

the states and territories. 51 Cong., 2 Sess., House Report 3767, 
pp. 202. 1891. Serial No. 2888. 

Appendix A, Extracts from report to State Board of Irrigation on 
operation of the Wright Irrigation District Law, pp. 9-10; Appendix 
B, Irrigation in the United States, pp. 11-202. Appendix B contains 
hearings before Committee on Irrigation, House of Eepresentatives, 
on House Bill No. 3924. For particular references to California, see 
pp. 110-114; 118-127; 189; 197. 

42. Diversion of water from Sacramento River, California. 

59 Cong., 1 Sess., House Report 3216, pp. 10. 1906. Serial 
No. 4907. 

Eeport favoring diversion of water by Central Canal and Irriga- 
tion Company. (Same as entry No. 65.) 

43. Examination and survey of Sacramento River, California, 

from its mouth to Feather River. 60 Cong., 2 Sess., House 
Doc. 1123, pp. 19 (26 maps). 1909. Serial No. 5434. 

Preliminary report of army engineers with view to improving 
river for navigation. 

Circular 260] LIST 0F ir RIGA tI0N REFERENCES 9 

44. Fund for reclamation of arid lands. Message from the 

President of the United States transmitting a report of the 
Board of Armv Engineers in relation to the reclamation fund. 
61 Cong., 3 Sess., House Doc. 1262, pp. 197. 1911. Serial 
No. 6022. 

Yuma project, pp. 29-34; Orland project, pp. 34-38; Klamath pro- 
ject, p. 119-127. 

45. Hetch Hetchy Valley — report of advisory board of Army Engi- 

neers to the Secretary of the Interior on investigations relative 
to sources of water supply for San Francisco and bay com- 
munities. 63 Cong., 1 Sess., House Doc. 54, pp. 146. 1913. 
Serial No. 6548. 

Contains report by Advisory Board and report by H. H. Wadsworth. 

46. Interests of United States on lower Colorado River. 59 

Cong., 2 Sess., Sen. Report 5545, pp. 3. 1907. Serial No. 5060. 

Report on bill providing for Government aid in control of Colorado 
River and showing necessity of same. 

47. Investigation of irrigation projects. 61 Cong., 3 Sess., 

Sen. Report 1281, pp. 917. 1911. 

Report of the committee on irrigation and reclamation of arid 

lands. California: Orland project, pp. 701-711; Klamath project, 

pp. 711-762; Upper Sacramento Valley, pp. 762-774; Yuma project, 
pp. 774-787. 

48. Irrigation and water storage in the arid regions, 51 Cong., 

2 Sess., House Ex. Doc. 287, pp. 356. 1891. Serial No. 2868. 

Report on the climatology of the arid regions of the United 
States, with reference to irrigation, by A. W. Greely, pp. 5-22; 
Appendix 67, Climate of California and Nevada, with particular ref- 
erence to rainfall and temperature and their influence upon irriga- 
tion problems of the two states, pp. 333-356. Report of War De- 

49. Irrigation of the San Joaquin, Tulare, and Sacramento 

valleys, California, by B. S. Alexander, Geo. H. Mendell, Geo. 
Davidson. 43 Cong., 1 Sess., House Ex. Doc. 290, pp. 91. 1874. 

Serial No. 1615. 

System of irrigation for valleys with maps and description of 
existing systems. 

50. Irrigation in Imperial Valley, California, its problems and possi- 

bilities, by C. E. Tait. 60 Cong., 1 Sess., Sen. Doc. 246, pp. 56. 
1908. Serial No. 5241. 

Description of Imperial Valley irrigation systems and use of 
water in Valley. 

51. Irrigation in the United States, by Richard J. Hinton. 49 

Cong., 2 Sess., Sen. Misc. Doc. 15, pp. 240. 1886. Serial No. 


Pacific coast division, pp. 9-19; principal irrigation works, Cali- 
fornia, pp. 50-62; practical results of irrigation, California, pp. 62-98; 
water and irrigation laws, California, pp. 155-156. Relates to irriga- 
tion in United States; its extent and methods; with digest of laws 
governing water supply, details being arranged in general by states 
and territories. 


52. Irrigation in the United States. 51 Cong., 2 Sess., Sen. Ex. 

Doc. 53, Part I. pp. 337. 1891. Serial No. 2818. 

Progress report for 1890, by Eichard J. Hinton pp. 11-144; cultiva- 
tion of the raisin grape by irrigation, pp. 225-233; alkali soils and 
waters in California, pp. 297-302. Progress report in summary of 
investigations made by office of Irrigation Inquiry. 

53. Irrigation investigations in California, under direction of 

Elwood Mead. 56 Cong., 2 Sess., Sen. Doc. 108, pp. 73. 1901. 
Serial No. 4033. 

Outline of Office of Experiment Stations Bull. 100, and extracts of 
reports of various agents. (See entry No. 33.) 

54. Preliminary examination of San Joaquin River, Stockton 

Channel, etc., from San Francisco Bay to Stockton, Cal. 60 
Cong., 2 Sess. House Doc. 1124, pp. 18 (18 maps). 1909. 
Serial No. 5435. 

Eeport of Army Engineers on project of keeping San Joaquin 
Eiver navigable by dredging. 

55. Problems of Imperial Valley and vicinity. 67 Cong., 2 Sess. 

Sen. Doc. 142, pp. 326. 1922. 

Eeport by Director of the Eeclamation Service on problems of 
Imperial Valley and vicinity with respect to irrigation from Colorado 
Eiver, with proceedings of conference on construction of Boulder 
Canyon Dam, held at San Diego, California. 

56. Progress report of cooperative investigations by the United 

States Geological Survey and the California Water and Forest 
Association during the year 1900. 56 Cong., 2 Sess. Sen. Doc. 
59, pp. 38. 1900. Serial No. 4033. 

Summaries of Kings Eiver investigation, pp. 14-26; Salinas Eiver 
investigation, pp. 26-28; Yuba Eiver investigations, p. 28; Kern 
Eiver investigation, p. 28; Stony Creek investigation, pp. 28-32; 
Cache Creek investigation, pp. 32-35; midsummer gauging of streams, 
p. 35. 

57. Protection of lands and property in the Imperial Valley, 

California, by General Wm. L. Marshall. 63 Cong., 3 Sess., 
House Doc. 1476, pp. 16. 1915. Serial No. 6888. 

Work necessary for protection of Imperial Valley. 

58. Report of the National Conservation Commission. 60 

Cong., 2 Sess., Sen. Doc. 676, pp. 771. 1909. Serial No. 5398. 

Irrigation, by F. H. Newell, pp. 59-66; irrigation, by Samuel 
Fortier, pp. 67-73; irrigation laws and organizations, by E. P. Teele, 
pp. 74-85. 

59. Report of the Secretary of War. 44 Cong., 2 Sess., House 

Ex. Doc. 1, Part 2, pp. 754. 1876. Serial No. 1745. 

Appendix B to annual report of Lieut. Geo. M. Wheeler, Prelimin- 
ary report upon the operations of Party No. 3, California section, 
season of 1875-76, with view to determine the feasibility of diverting 
the Colorado Eiver for purposes of irrigation, by Lieut. Eric Bergland, 
pp. 329-345. 

Circular 260] LIST 0F irrigation REFERENCES 11 

60. Report of the special committee of the United States Senate 

on the reclamation of arid lands. Report of the committee and 
views of the minority. 51 Cong., 1 Sess. Sen. Report 928, 
Part 1, pp. 182. 1890. Serial No. 2707. 

General description, California, p. 5; hearings of committee on 
Pacific coast, pp. 21-23; physical features of California, p. 53; climate 
and rainfall, pp. 53-54; taxable values of California, 1879-1889, 
pp. 54-59. 

61. Report of the special committee of the United States on 

irrigation and reclamation of arid lands. Yol. II. The great 
basin and California. 51 Cong., 1 Sess., Sen. Report 928, Part 
3, pp. 573. 1890. Serial No. 2707. 

Statements by M. M. Estee, Wm, Ham. Hall, E. W. Hilgard, and 
others; irrigation in Kern County, by William B. Carr, pp. 292-317; 
construction of the Sweetwater dam, by James D. Schuyler, pp. 
370-376; Colorado desert and its characteristics, by William Denton, 
pp. 376-380; water supply of San Diego County, by James D. Schuy- 
ler, p. 390; "gang" or "driven" and artesian wells, by Joseph 
Dunbavard, pp. 391-393; public ownership and control of water the 
only safety for the irrigator, pp. 393-399. 

62. Report on the statistics of agriculture in the western part 

of the United States. 52 Cong., 1 Sess., House Misc., Doc. 30, 
Part 20, pp. 283. 1896. Serial No. 3021. 

California, pp. 31-89. 

63. Resolutions of American Society of Irrigation Engineers, 

and accompanying papers relative to cession of public lands to 
the states in which they lie ; forestry, irrigation, etc. 55 Cong., 1 
Sess., Sen. Doc. 130, pp. 37. 1897. Serial No. 3562. 

The arid public lands, their reclamation, management and disposal, 
Elwood Mead, pp. 4-19. 

64. Surveys of reservoir sites, by F. H. Newell. 55 Cong., 3 

Sess., Sen Doc. 116, pp. 20. 1899. Serial No. 3735. 

California, pp. 8-9. 

65. Water from Sacramento River, California, for irrigation 

purposes. 59 Cong., 1, Sess., Sen. Report 2900, pp. 11. 1906. 
Serial No. 4905. 

Keport favoring diversion of water by Central Canal and Irriga- 
tion Company. (Same as House Eeport 3216, see entry No. 42.) 

66. Committee Reports. Committee on irrigation of arid lands. 

All- American canal in Imperial Valley. Hearings on H. R. bill 
to assist in increasing the productive agricultural area of the 
Imperial and Coachella valleys, and for other purposes, pp. 619. 

67. Committee on Public Lands. Conservation and stor- 
age of water, San Diego, Cal. Hearings on H. R. 4037, pp. 170. 



the Census. Thirteenth Census of the United States, 1910. 
Abstract of the census with supplement for California, pp. 727. 

Includes: Statistics of irrigation for California and its counties, 
pp. 659-672. 

69. Irrigation : California, by R. P. Teele, pp. 14. 1910. 

Results of 1910 irrigation census — number of pumping plants, area 
irrigated, etc. 

70. Fourteenth Census of the United States, 1920. 

Bulletin, Irrigation: California, by R. P. Teele, pp. 19. 1921. 

Eesults of 1920 irrigation census with statistics for state and 
its counties. 

71. — — Irrigation, 1919 and 1920, United States, by 

R. P. Teele, pp. 37. 1922. 

Map of United States showing approximate location of irrigated 
land, statistics for California and its counties. 

72. Irrigation in the United States, 1902, pp. 92. 1904. 

Includes: Sacramento River drainage basin, pp. 39-40; Pacific 
Coast drainage basins, pp. 40-41; general statistics — California, pp. 

73. GOVERNORS' CONFERENCE. Resources related to irrigation, 

by Geo. C. Pardee. In Proceedings of 1908 conference, pp. 
129-140. 1909. 

General discussion of interdependence of natural resources — irriga- 
tion, national forests, navigation, electric power, etc. 


Board. Report on a canal located entirely within the United 
States from the Colorado River at Laguna Dam into the 
Imperial Valley, California, by Elwood Mead, W. W. Schlecht, 
and C. E. Grunsky, pp. 98. 1920. 

Report of board submitted to secretary of the Interior and board 
of directors of Imperial Irrigation District, together with report of 
the engineer in chage of surveys and examinations, by Porter J. 
Preston, June 17, 1919. 

75. Census Office. Report on agriculture by irrigation in the 

western part of the United States at the eleventh census, 1890, 
by F. H. Newell, pp. 336. 1894. 

Includes: California, pp. 33-89. 

76. Report on the physical and agricultural features of 

the state of California, by E. "W. Hilgard, pp. 125. 1884. 

Physico-geographical and agricultural features of California; 
cotton culture in California; agricultural descriptions of counties of 
California; agricultural map of California. 

77. Twelfth census of the United States, 1900. Vol. IV. 

Agriculture. Pt. II. Crops and irrigation, pp. 880. 1902. 
Includes: Section IX, Irrigation, California, pp. 826-831. 

Circular 260] LIST 0F irrigation REFERENCES' 13 

Geological Survey. Tenth Annual Report, 1888-1889. Pt. 

II. Irrigation, pp. 123. 1890. 

Plan of enginering survey, California, pp. 47-48; general remarks 
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(Also published as House Doc. 1, pt. 5, 51 Cong., 1 Sess.) 

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Includes: Engineering results of irrigation survey, California divis- 
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(Also published as House Ex. Doc. 1, pt. 5, 51 Cong., 2 Sess.) 

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Joaquin basins, pp. 316-324. 

(Also published as House Ex. Doc. 1, pt. 5, 52 Cong., 1 Sess.) 

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voirs and Clear Lake survey, pp. 398-409. 

(Also published as House Ex. Doc. 1, pt. 5, 52 Cong., 2 Sess.) 

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Public lands and their water supply, by Frederick H. Newell, Cali- 
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(Also published as House Doc. 5, 54 Cong., 1 Sess.) 

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creeks in southern California, pp. 397-405; south Pacific watershed, 
pp. 405-416; miscellaneous measurements, pp. 416-418; California 
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pp. 617-740. 

(Also published as House Doc. 5, 55 Cong., 2 Sess.) 

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Includes: Progress of stream measurements (including notes on 
water power), by F. H. Newell, pp. 508-539; water supply of San 
Bernardino Valley and Mohave River, by J. B. Lippincott, pp. 540-632. 

(Also published as House Doc. 5, 55 Cong., 3 Sess.) 


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California, pp. 29-31), by F. H. Newell, San Francisco bay drainage, 
pp. 524-559; precipitation on California mountains, pp. 560-561; 
Whitewater Eiver, pp. 561-562. 

(Also published as House Doc. 5, 56 Cong., 1 Sess.) 

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(Also published as House Doc. 5, 56 Cong., 2 Sess.) 

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Progress of stream measurements, by F. H. Newell, San Francisco 
bay drainage (includes reservoir reconnaissances and surveys), pp. 
461-497; southern California drainage, pp. 497-506. 

(Also published as House Doc. 5, 57 Cong., 1 Sess.) 

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Work in hydrology, California, pp. 209-211; Eeclamation Service, 
California, pp. 222-224. 

(Also published as House Doc. 5, 58 Cong., 2 Sess.) 

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Hydrologic work, California, pp. 275-276; Eeclamation Service, 
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(Also published as House Doc. 5, 58 Cong., 3 Sess.) 

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(Also published as House Doc. 5, 59 Cong., 1 Sess.) 

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Summary of all available data on water supply. 

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Supply Paper 93, pp. 168-172. 1904. 

Brief description of Colorado River and problems in utilization of 

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Principal facts relating to utilization of river and its control by 
means of storage reservoirs. 

94. Colorado River Reclamation Projects, by E. T. 

Perkins. In Water-Supply Paper 93, pp. 272-276. 1904. 
Outline of various projects for development of Colorado River. 

Circular 260] LIST 0F irrigation REFERENCES 15 

95. Development and application of water near San 

Bernardino, Colton, and Riverside, Pt. I, by J. B. Lippincott. 
Water-Supply Paper 59, pp. 95. 1902. 

General discussion of soil, climate, crops, water supply, with de- 
scriptions of small canals and measurements of discharge. Also dis- 
cussion of wells and pumping plants and of Eiverside Water Company 
and Gage Canal Company. 

96. Development and application of water near San 

Bernardino, Colton, and Riverside, Pt. II, by J. B. Lippincott. 
Water-Supply Paper 60, pp. 97-141. 1902. 

Discussion of East Eiverside irrigation district, lower San Bernar- 
dino Valley, wells near Eedlands and San Bernardino, and manufac- 
ture of Portland cement in California, important to irrigation develop- 

97. Development of underground waters in the 

central coastal plain region of southern California, by W. C. 
Mendenhall. Water-Supply Paper 138, pp. 162. 1905. 

Well data and general discussion of underground water conditions 
and irrigation systems. 

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ern coastal plain region of southern California, by W. C. Men- 
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Well data and discussion of underground water conditions and 
irrigation systems. 

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western coastal plain region of southern California, by W. C. 
Mendenhall. Water-Supply Paper 139, pp. 105. 1905. 

Well data and discussion of underground water conditions and 
irrigation systems. 

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of southern California, by W. C. Mendenhall. In Water- 
Supply-Paper 213, pp. 189-205. 1907. 

Eesults of ground water measurements, 1904-06. 

101. Fluctuations in ground water levels in the valley 

of southern California, by W. C. Mendenhall. In Water- 
Supply Paper 251, pp. 338^348. 1910. 

Continuation of measurements given in Water-Supply Paper 213. 
(See entry No. 100.) 

102. Gazatteer of surface water of California. 

Pt. I. Sacramento River Basin. Water-Supply Paper 295, pp. 

99. 1912. 
Pt. II. San Joaquin River Basin. Water-Supply Paper 296, pp. 

102. 1912. 
Pt. III. Pacific Coast and Great Basin streams. Water-Supply 
Paper 297, pp. 244. 1913. 

Description of all streams giving location, length, etc., and map on 
which they can be found. 


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of San Diego County, California, by A. J. Ellis and C. H. Lee. 
Water-Supply Paper 446, pp. 321. 1919. 

Eeport of investigations to suggest where ground water could be 
found and best method of utilization. 

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California, by Willis T. Lee. Water-Supply Paper 181, pp. 28. 

Eeport of field studies with special reference to prospect of under- 
ground water; also general account of surface waters. 

105. Ground waters and irrigation enterprises in the 

foothill belt, southern California, by W. C. Mendenhall. Water- 
Supply Paper 219, pp. 180. 1908. 

Well data and general discussion of underground water conditions 
and irrigation systems. (Continuation of work described in Water- 
Supply Papers 137, 138, and 139. See entries Nos. 97, 98, and 99). 

106. Ground water for irrigation in the Morgan Hill 

area, California, by W. O. Clark. Water-Supply Paper 400-E, 
pp. 61-105. 1917. 

General discussion of conditions with well data. 

107. Ground water for irrigation in the Sacramento 

Valley, California, by Kirk Bryan. Water-Supplv Paper 
375-A, pp. 49. 1915. . 

Preliminary report of investigation in cooperation with State 
Department of Engineering over a three-year period. Discusses 
geography; water bearing formations; origin and movements of the 
ground water; ground water development; irrigation with well water. 

108. Ground water in the San Jacinto and Temecula 

basins, California, bv Gerald A. Waring. Water-Supply Paper 
429, pp. 113. 1919/ 

Conditions affecting ground water and description of various areas, 
with results of pumping tests. 

109. Ground water in the San Joaquin Valley, Cali- 
fornia, by W. C. Mendenhall. Water-Supply Paper 398, pp. 
310. 1916. 

Occurrence, utilization and quality of water, pumping tests and 
notes on conditions in various counties. (See also Water-Supply 
Paper 222, entry No. 118.) 

110. Ground waters of the Indio region, California, 

by W. C. Mendenhall. Water-Supply Paper 225, pp. 56. 1909. 
General description of valley with some well data, 

111. Ground water resources of the Niles cone and 

adjacent areas, California, by W. O. Clark. Water-.Supply 
Paper 345-H, pp. 127-168. 1915. 

Sources of water supply, quantity being used, amount available, 
and area dependent on Alameda Creek. 

112. Hydrology of San Bernardino Valley, by W. C. 

Mendenhall. Water-Supply Paper 142, pp. 124. 1905. 

One of series of reports on underground water of the valley of 
southern California. Discussion of phases of geology which throw 
light on ;\ mount, distribution and movements of water and effects 
of development and drought in bringing about recent changes in 
water levels. 

Circular 260] LIST 0F irrigation REFERENCES 17 

113. Intensive study of the water resources of a part 

of Owens Valley, California, by Charles H. Lee. Water-Supply 
Paper 294, pp. 135. 1912. 

Analysis of data gathered in Independence region as to physical 
features, precipitation, stream flow, evaporation and transpiration, 
percolation and ground water. 

Hi. Irrigation near Bakersfield, California, by C. E. 

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General description of San Joaquin Valley and of districts within 
it; also special discussion of Kern River basin and systems under it. 

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Grunsky. Water-Supply Paper 18, pp. 94. 1918. 

Relates to systems under Kaweah and Kings river and lands 
on east side between Visalia and Fresno. 

116. Irrigation near Merced, California, bv C. E. 

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Describes systems getting irrigation supplies from San Joaquin, 
Chowchilla, Merced, Tuolumne, Stanislaus, and Mokelumne rivers. 

117. Physical characteristics of Kern Kiver, Cali- 
fornia, by Frank H. Olmsted. Water-Supplv Paper 46, pp. 
11-38. 1901. 

Describes drainage basin and estimates amount of water coming 
from it and power available with discussion of utilization of power 
for irrigation pumping. 

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San Joaquin Valley, California, by W. C. Mendenhall. Water- 
Supply Paper 222, pp. 52. 1908. 

General discussion of conditions relative to ground water. (For 
later report see entry No. 109.) 

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fornia, bv F. C. Finkle. In Water-Supply Paper 146, pp. 
56-72. 1905. 

Sources of water supply and necessity of looking to replenishment 
of supply. 

120. Quality of the surface waters of California, by 

Walter Van Winkle and Frederick Eaton. Water-Supply 
Paper 237, pp. 142. 1910. 

Results of tests made of natural waters of state, their seasonal 
variation in composition and in physical characteristics and damage 
by reason of pollution. 

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son. Water-Supply Paper 46, pp. 39-54. 1901. 

General description of stream, with records of discharge. 

122. Relation of rainfall to run-off in California, by 

F. H. Newell. In Water-Supply Paper 75, pp. 225-231. 1903. 
Diagrams showing relation and discussion of rainfall on various 

123. Southern California floods of January, 1916, bv 

H. D. McGlashan and F. C. Ebert. Water-Supply Paper 426, 

pp.81. 1918. 

Precipitation and stream flow records with a view to future flood 


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Results of surveys and investigations of storage and power develop- 
ment on Kings River. Part of larger study of irrigation possibilities. 

125. Storage reservoirs on Stony Creek, California, 

by Burt Cole. Water-Supply Paper 86, pp. 62. 1903. 

Possibility of reclaiming by irrigation large areas of land in 
valley of Stony Creek. Discusses Central Canal, Stony Creek forest 
reserve, rainfall and temperature records and surveys of reservoir sites. 

126. Stream gaging stations and publications relat- 
ing to water resources, 1885-1913. 
Pt. X. The Great Basin (California). Water-Supply Paper 

340-J, pp. 117-129. 1915. 
Pt. XI. Pacific coast basins in California. Water-Supplv 

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Pt. XII. North Pacific slope drainage basins (California). 

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(For measurements prior to 1911, see Water Eesources of Cali- 
fornia, entry No. 133.) 

Circular 260] LIST 0F irrigation REFERENCES 19 

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southern California, by H. D. McGlashan. Water-Supply 
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Summary of stream flow records in southern California up to 
September 30, 1918. 

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Angeles River, by Homer Hamlin. Water-Supply Paper 112, 
pp. 55. 1905. 

Describes conditions under which ground water usually occurs in 
arid regions and fluctuations in water level due to rainfall and other 

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Discussion of general underground water conditions in southern 

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Possibilities of developing water supply for Santa Barbara and 

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General discussion of water and geologic conditions with data 
on large number of wells. 

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Pt. I. Stream measurements in Sacramento River Basin to 1912. 

Water-Supply Paper 298, pp. 411. 1912. 
Pt. II. Stream measurements in San Joaquin River Basin to 

1912. Water-Supply Paper 299, pp. 439. 1912. 
Pt. III. Stream measurements in the Great Basin and Pacific 
Coast River Basins to 1912. Water-Supply Paper 300, pp. 
956. 1913. 
(For measurements after 1911, see Surface Water Supply of the 
United States, entry No. 124.) 

134. Water resources of the Salinas Valley, Cali- 
fornia, by Homer Hamlin. Water-Supply Paper 89, pp. 91. 

Describes topography, geology, climate, hydrography (with sur- 
veys of numerous reservoir sites), irrigation and irrigation systems. 

135. Water storage in the Truckee Basin, California- 
Nevada, by L. H. Taylor. Water-Supply Paper 68, pp. 90. 

Results of survey to determine extent to which waters of Truckee 
River can be utilized for development in Nevada. 

136. Water storage on Cache Creek, California, by 

A. E. Chandler. Water-Supply Paper 45, pp. 48. 1901. 

Physical features, stream measurements, irrigation works, under- 
ground water, tributaries in Capay Valley, reservoir sites on north 
fork, and Clear Lake. 


137. Reclamation Service. First Annual Report, June 17 to 

December 1, 1902, pp. 317. 1903. 

California, pp. 103-129. Eeclaimable lands, Colorado Eiver diver- 
sion including discussion of reconnaissance of river, reservoir sites, 
silt, water supply, etc. 

(Also published as House Doc. 79, 57 Cong., 2 Sess.) 

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Summary of operations in California, 1903, pp. 51-55; investiga- 
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River, pp. 96-105; reconnaissance in basin of Pit River, pp. 106-110; 
reconnaissance in Klamath drainage basin, pp. 110-114; reconnais- 
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River, pp. 123-161. 

(Also published as House Doc. 44, 58 Cong., 2 Sess.) 

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(Also published as House Doc. 28, 58 Cong., 3 Sess.) 

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Klamath Project, pp. 83-90; Sacramento Valley projects, pp. 90-96 
San Joaquin Valley Project, p. 96; Owens Valley Project, pp. 96-97 
Yuma Project, pp. 97-102; Imperial Valley investigations, pp. 102- 
108; Shasta Valley investigations, pp. 108-109. 

(Also published as House Doc. 86, 59 Cong., 1 Sess.) 

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(Also published as House Doc. 204, 59 Cong., 2 Sess.) 

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(Also published as House Doc. 1174, 60 Cong., 2 Sess.) 

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(Also published as House Doc. 125, 61 Cong., 2 Sess.) 

Circular 260] LIST 0F irrigation REFERENCES 21 

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Discussion of projects, California, as follows: Colorado Kiver 
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83-89; Klamath Project, pp. 243-252. 

(Also published as House Doc. 1047, 61 Cong., 3 Sess.) 

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Klamath Project, pp. 202-208. 

(Also published as House Doc. 133, 62 Cong., 2 Sess.) 

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Klamath Project, pp. 159-164. 

(Also published as House Doc. 948, 62 Cong., 3 Sess.) 

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Klamath Project, pp. 201-206. 

(Also published as House Doc. 297, 63 Cong., 2 Sess.) 

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(Also published as House Doc. 1255, 63 Cong., 3 Sess.) 

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56-63; cooperative work, pp. 64-66 (lower Pit River, investigations 
in Lassen County, investigations in Pit River Basin, investigations 
of lion Canyon Project); Orland Project, pp. 67-72; Klamath Project, 
pp, 246-254. 

(Also published as House Doc. 38, 64 Cong,. 1 Sess.) 

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Lower Pit River Project, pp. 511-512; Pitt River Basin, pp. 512-514. 

(Also published as House Doc. 1479, 64 Cong., 2 Sess.) 

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60-68; Orland Project, pp. 69-77; Klamath Project, pp. 253-266. 
(Also published as House Doc. 527, 65 Cong., 2 Sess.) 

153. Seventeenth Annual Report, 1917-1918, pp. 549. 


Discussion of projects, California, as follows: Yuma Project, pp. 
74-85; Orland Project, pp. 86-95; Klamath Project, pp. 288-298; 
Imperial Valley Project, pp. 381-382. 

(Also published as House Doc. 1634, 65 Cong., 3 Sess.) 


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Discussion of projects, California, as follows: Yuma Project, pp. 
84-96; Orland Project, pp. 97-105; Klamath Project, pp. 295-304; 
secondary and proposed projects (Imperial Valley, Iron Canyon, 
Orland extension, Dixon, etc.), pp. 384-385. 

(Also published as House Doc. 430, 66 Cong., 2 Sess.) 

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Discussion of projects, California, as follows: Yuma Project, pp. 
87-99; Orland Project, pp. 100-108; Klamath Project, pp. 320-330; 
secondary and proposed projects (Iron Canyon, Owens Valley, Warner 
Eeservoir, San Diego Eiver, Jess Valley, Imperial Valley), pp. 412-417. 

(Also published as House Doc. 850, 66 Cong., 3 Sess.) 

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Discussion of projects, California, as follows: Yuma Project, pp. 
87-98; Orland Project, pp. 99-107; Klamath Project, pp. 303-313; 
secondary and proposed projects (Dixon, Honey Lake, Imperial Val- 
ley, Iron Canyon, Jess Valley, Kings Eiver, Lower Pit Eiver, Oakdale 
and South San Joaquin, Owens Valley, Palo Verde, Pit Eiver Basin, 
San Diego Eiver, Shasta Valley, Stony Gorge, Turlock-Modesto, 
Warner Eeservoir, etc.), pp. 397-404. 

(Also published as House Doc. 225, 67 Cong., 2 Sess.) 

157. Report on Iron Canyon Project, pp. 147. 1914. 

Preliminary report of water supply, flood control and navigation, 
reservoirs, dams, canal and distribution system, water power develop- 
ment, general plans of development and rough estimate of costs. 
(Prepared in cooperation with Iron Canyon Project Association). 

158. Report on Iron Canvon Project, by Homer J. Gault 

and W. F. McClure, pp. 76. 1912. 

Eeport of investigation made in continuation of work of 1914 on 
feasibility of project. (See entry No. 157.) 

(Prepared in cooperation with the State of California and the 
Iron Canyon Project Association.) 

159. Report on Lower Pit River project, by E. G. Hopson 

and T. H. Means, pp. 55. 1915. 

Plans and estimates for irrigation of 55,000 acres east of Sacra- 
mento Eiver and east and northeast of Eedding. 

(Prepared in cooperation with Northern California Irrigation 

160. Report on Pit River Basin, pp. 140. 1915. 

Eeport of survey to determine feasibility of constructing reservoirs 
and other works for utilization of Pit Eiver in improving navigation 
on Sacramento Eiver and in other public interest; also to determine 
most advantageous utilization of resources within Pit Eiver drainage 
area for irrigation and other public uses. 

(Prepared in cooperation with California State Department of 

Circular 260] LIST 0F irrigation REFERENCES 23 



161. BOARD OF AGRICULTURE. Report for 1911. Pt. VI Irriga- 

tion and Irrigation canals, pp. 205-223. 1912. 

Irrigation, 1890-1900, pp. '205-206; reclamation service projects, 
p. 207; dry farming, pp. 207-208; irrigation districts, p. 208; private 
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p. 194; private irrigation systems, pp. 194-197; Imperial Valley and 
the Salton Sea, pp. 197-198; lakes, pp. 198-199; irrigation resources 
of California, pp. 199-215. 

(Summarized in reports for 1913 to 1918, inclusive.) 

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Discussion of need for irrigated agriculture and of use of pumps 
in irrigation. 

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General discussion of possibilities and practicability of irrigation 
in California. 

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Chapter 5 of Alexander report (see entry No. 49). General state- 
ment of costs in San Joaquin Valley as compared with other sections. 

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tions, 1859, pp. 321-323. 1860. 

No need for irrigation in California if proper mulching and culti- 
vation used. Evil effects of irrigation. (Essay submitted for State 
Agricultural Society prize.) 

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1859, pp. 318-321. 1860. 

Shows need for irrigation to produce best crops. (Essay submitted 
for State Agricultural Society prize.) 

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Qualities of water and practical irrigation by flooding and sub- 
soil irrigation. (Essay submitted for State Agricultural Society 

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Advantages and adaptability to irrigation of valley of California. 


170. Irrigation and dairy development, by Wm. H. Saylor. In 

report for 1908, pp. 18-20. 1909. 

Great opportunity for dairy industry where irrigation makes alfalfa 

171. Irrigation in California. In transactions, 1874, pp. 419- 

446. 1875. 

San Joaquin Valley — its soil and surfaces, drainage, meteorology, 
natural drainage systems, comprehensive canal systems for naviga- 
tion and irrigation, canals under construction, navigation canals in 
practice, irrigation in practice, future development. 

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Census bulletin. In transactions, 1901, pp. 148-151. 1903. 

Statistics in certain counties in California. 

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pp. 475-480. 1874. 

Views of delegates appointed to consider water development with 
a view to forming a basis for legislative action and resolution drawn up. 

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report for 1908, pp. 16-17. 1909. 

Discusses necessity of water in southern California. 

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report for 1908, pp. 10-12. 1909. 

Summary of irrigation development in Sacramento Valley. 

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report for 1908, pp. 13-15. 1909." 

Good results of irrigation in San Joaquin Valley. 

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tions, 1864-1865, pp. 301-303. 1866. 

Necessity for irrigation and best practice in use. 

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cultural growth of California, by Frank Adams. In report 
for 1910, pp. 44-50. 1911. 

Irrigable and irrigated areas; irrigation story told by population 
census; what irrigation means to farmer; cost of an irrigated farm 
in California. 

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1905, pp 45-47. 

Various methods used in California. 

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1900, pp. 85-88. 1901. 

Water development possible by forestration, flood storage, and 
increased pumping. 

181. Pumps for irrigation. Appendix B, transactions, 1886, 

pp. 212-214. 1887. 

Two letters giving data on cost of pumping. 

Circular 260] LIST 0F irrigation REFERENCES 25 

182. Reclamation and irrigation, by J. Ross Browne. In trans- 
actions, 1872, pp. 390-426. 1873." 

Effect of reclamation and irrigation on industries connected with 
advancement of state, such as promotion of immigration, increase in 
production and taxable property, increase in internal improvements, 
commerce, trade and manufactures. 

183. Underground irrigation, by I. N. Hoag. In appendix to 

transactions, 1870-1871, pp. 444-447. 1872. 

Gives advantages of methods of underground irrigation. 

184. Underground irrigation, by E. P. Aiken. In transactions, 

1872, pp. 370-375. 1873. 

Gives system of underground irrigation with advantages. 

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fornia, by A. T. Ames. In transactions, 1900, pp. 89-95. 1901. 

Short description with illustrations of pumps. 


OF CALIFORNIA. Agriculture in Imperial Valley, by Walter 
E.Packard. Cir. 159, pp. 68. 1919. (First issued, 1917.) 

General discussion of water supply and necessity for irrigation. 

187. Alkali lands, irrigation and drainage in their mutual rela- 
tions, by E. W. Hilgard. Appendix, report for 1890, pp. 69. 

Data gathered from several earlier reports: Alkali soils and irri- 
gation water of California; irrigation and alkali in India; necessity 
of investigating quality of irrigation water and of supplying drain- 
age to prevent alkali. (First issued as appendix VII, report of 
College of Agriculture for 1886.) 

188. Alkali soils and irrigation waters of the San Joaquin Valley. 

Appendix I, annual report of College of Agriculture for 1880, 
pp. 12-35. 1881. 

Alkali soils, pp. 12-22; lake and river waters of great valley and 
their quality for irrigation purposes, pp. 22-35. 

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Water supply of the Temescal Valley, pp. 53-57; underground 
water supply of Eiverside Land and Water Company. Chemical 
analyses of water samples. 

190. Analyses of water of some California rivers, by Horace G. 

Kelsey. In Appendix I, annual report of College of Agricul- 
ture for 1882, pp. 57-61. 1883. 

Chemical analyses made with view to quality of water for irriga- 
tion from Los Angeles Eiver, Kern Lakes, Kern Eiver, Tulare Lake, 
Kings Eiver, San Joaquin Eiver, Merced Eiver, Mokelumne Eiver 
and Sacramento Eiver. 

191. Citrus fruit culture, by J. W. Mills. Bull. 138, pp. 46. 


Cultivation and irrigation, pp. 33-38. Value of cultivation, waste 
of water from evaporation, spread of water from deep furrows (with 


192. Conservation of soil moisture and economy in the use of 

irrigation water, by E. W. Hilgard and R. H. Loughridge. 
Bull. 121, pp. 12. 1898. 

Conclusions drawn from study of soil moisture made during dry 
season of 1897-98. 

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Eesults of experiments carried on in Chino Valley with amounts 
of water used, and soil moisture studies. 

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report for 1918-1919, pp. 116-117. 1919. 

Statement of experiments being carried on by Division of Irriga- 
tion Investigations. 

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annual report for 1920-1921, pp. 53. 1922. 

Description of method used to determine transpiration losses. 

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1919-1920, p. 56. 1920. 

Experiments carried on at Davis. 

197. Duty of water. In annual report for 1914-1915, pp. 

15-16. 1915. 

Short summary of alfalfa experiments published in University of 
California Experiment Station Bulletin 280 and State Department of 
Engineering Bulletin 3. (See entries Nos. 199 and 261.) 

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1919-1920, pp. 56. 1920. 

Continuation of earlier experiments carried on at Davis. 

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S. H. Beckett and R. D. Robertson. Bull. 280, pp. 24. 1917. 

Results of experiments in irrigation of alfalfa over 6-year period 
at University Farm and during one to two years on 54 Sacramento 
Valley alfalfa farms. (See Bulletin 3, State Department of Engineer- 
ing, entry No. 261.) 

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1914-1915, pp. 14-15. 1915. 

Short accounts of results of investigation of amount of water 
applied on farms in Sacramento Valley. 

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for 1920-1921. p. 79. 1922. 

Observations made in southern California. 

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7, p. 1. 1884. 

Eesults of chemical examination of water from Tulare County and 
its effect when used in irrigation. 

203. Extending the area of irrigated wheat in California for 

1918, by Frank Adams. Cir. 182, pp. 4. 1917. 

Outlines possibilities of increasing wheat yield in California by 
irrigation in order to increase food production during war period. 


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E. Packard. Bull. 210, pp. 253. 1911. 

Use of water in irrigation, pp. 156-163. General statement of 
irrigation conditions and methods in Imperial Valley designed to 
assist new or prospective settlers. 

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114, pp. 8. 1914. 

Importance of canal lining and maintenance in increasing duty of 

206. Investigations in soil physics, by R. H. Loughridge. In 

annual report for 1892-1893, pp. 70-100. 1894. 

The mechanical composition of soils with reference to moisture 
and water movements, pp. 70-73; influence of soil composition upon 
hydroscopic moisture, pp. 73-80; capacity of soils for holding water, 
pp. 80-91; capillary rise of water in soils, pp. 91-100. 

207. Irrigation. In annual report for 1917-1918, pp. 90-91. 


Summarizes irrigation work carried on by University prior to 1912. 

208. Irrigation. In annual report for 1921-1922, pp. 104-109. 


Summarizes experimental work of Division of Irrigation Investi- 
gations and Practice as follows: Irrigation of alfalfa; duty of water 
for field crops; Davis water-measuring laboratory; water requirements 
of alfalfa at Delhi; effect of mulches; transpiration losses; moisture 
equivalent studies; technique of soil moisture determinations; coopera- 
tive relations of the division of Irrigation Investigations; publica- 
tion of irrigation map. 

209. Irrigation and soil conditions in the Sierra Nevada foot- 
hills, California, by R. D. Robertson and J. W. Nelson. Bull. 
253, pp. 323-378. 1915. 

Status and possibilities of irrigation in foothills, description of 
soils and discussion of adaptation of these soils to various crops. 

210. Irrigation as affecting Imperial Valley soils. In annual 

report for 1914-1915, p. 17. 1915. 

Physical and chemical injury from irrigation as shown by semi- 
annual samplings. 

211. Irrigation, cultivation and hardpan, by E. W. Hilgard. Pt. 

II, report for 1898-1901, pp. 149-153. 1902. 

Difference in soils makes different form of agriculture in west from 
that in east and presence of hardpan makes different practice necessary. 

212. Irrigation devices. In annual report for 1914-1915, p. 17. 


Note of work carried on and preparation of Bulletin 247. (See 
entry No. 246.) 

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53, pp. 2. 1886. 

Need for drainage and more sparing use of irrigation water and 
lessons to be drawn from report of condition in India. 


214. Irrigation of deciduous orchards. In annual report for 

1920-1921, pp. 50-52. 1922. 

Observations made on orchard and experimental plots in Santa 
Clara Valley. 

215. Irrigation of young prune trees. In annual report for 

1920-1921, p. 52. 1922. 

Eate of growth after irrigation and distance for planting. 

216. Irrigation Investigations, report of division, by S. Fortier. 

In annual report for 1903-1904, pp. 107-109. 1904. 

Work taken up by United States Department of Agriculture, Irri- 
gation Investigations, in cooperation with College of Agriculture 
along lines of methods of irrigation; water losses in canals; methods 
and cost of pumping water; duty of water; community organization. 

217. Irrigation Investigations. In annual report for 1913-1914, 

pp. 124-127. 1914. 

Work carried on by Division of Irrigation Investigations at Davis 
and in field. 

218. Irrigation Investigations. In annual report for 1915-1916, 

pp. 46-47. 1916. 

Work carried on by Division and short summary of results of 
alfalfa studies. 

219. Irrigation Investigations. In annual report for 1915-1916, 

pp. 101-102. 1916. 

220. Irrigation of alfalfa. In annual report for 1920-1921, p. 

34. 1922. 

Investigations at University Farm, Davis, to determine economical 
distribution of water. 

221. ■ Irrigation of alfalfa in Imperial Valley, by Walter E. 

Packard. Bull. 284, pp. 84. 1917. 

Preparation of land, water requirements, root development, with 
general conclusions based on experiments. 

222. Irrigation of alfalfa in the Imperial Valley. In annual 

report for 1918-1919, p. 50. 1919. 

Eesults of study of prevalence of alfalfa roots to determine best 
time and methods of irrigation. 

223. Irrigation of citrus orchards. In annual report for 1915- 

1916, pp. 92-93. 1916. 

Studies carried on relating to citrus irrigation and outline of most 
needed studies. 

224. Irrigation of cotton. In annual report for 1918-1919, p. 

49. 1919. 

Time and amount of irrigation for cotton in Imperial Valley. 

225. Irrigation of deciduous orchards. In annual report for 

1919-1920, p. 45. 1920. 

Results of investigations at Davis and in Santa Clara Valley and 
observations made in soil moisture movement. 

Circular 260] LIST 0F irrigation REFERENCES 29 

226. Irrigation of grain (barley). In annual report for 1918- 

1919, p. 47. 1919. 

Eesults of 8-year investigation of irrigation of barley at Davis 
with, conclusions. 

227. Irrigation of rice in California, bv R. D. Robertson. Bull. 

279, pp. 20. 1917. 

Results of experiments, 1913-1916, on commercial rice fields in 
Sacramento Valley and at Biggs Rice Field Station. 

228. Irrigation practice in growing small fruits in California, 

by Wells A. Hutchins. Cir. 154, pp. 20. 1917. 

Description and analysis of irrigation practice in California pre- 
pared in cooperation with United States Department of Agriculture, 
Irrigation Investigations, and State Department of Engineering. 
Discusses preparation of land, furrow systems, application of water, 
moisture conservation. 

229. Laboratory method for ordinary chemical examination of 

waters for irrigation and domestic purposes. Cir. 8, pp. 4. 

Description of methods used. 

230. Laboratory study of the percolation of water through soils, 

by A. V. Stubenrauch. In Pt. II, report for 1898-1901, pp. 
153-172. 1902. 

Account of experiments to determine time necessary for irrigation 
water to reach depth in soil where it is needed. 

231. Lining of ditches and reservoirs to prevent seepage losses, 

by Elwoocl Mead and B. A. Etcheverry. Bull. 188, pp. 31. 

Progress report of first year's work in cooperation with United 
States Department of Agriculture and contains description of canal 
linings used and account of experiments to determine their efficiency. 

232. Measurement of irrigation water on the farm, by H. A. 

Wadsworth. Cir. 250, pp. 36. 1922. 

Description of methods and devices used in measurement of irri- 
gation water in California. (See also entry No. 246.) 

233. Moisture in California soils during the dry season of 1898, 

by R. H. Loughridge, In report for 1897-1898, pp. 65-99. 

Determination of moisture in various soils with various crops and 
effect on crops. 

234. Movement of the ground water level. In annual report for 

1919-1920, p. 67. 1920. 

Measurements made since 1912 of ground water conditions on 
Kearny Ranch with effect of dry years. 

235. Outstanding conclusions from an emergency irrigation sur- 
vey of California by the College of Agriculture of the Univer- 
sity of California, cooperating with the Irrigation Investiga- 
tions of the United States Department of Agriculture, and the 
California State Department of Engineering, by Edwood Mead 
and Frank Adams. In annual report for 1916-1917, pp. 93-95. 


236. Penetration of irrigation water. In annual report for 1914- 

1915, pp. 16-17. 1915. 

Method of determining penetration and time of testing. 

237. Reading courses in irrigation, by Elwood Mead. Cir. 20, 

pp. 7. 1906. 

Description of reading courses to be offered by University. 

238. Recording growth of trees. In annual report for 1920- 

1921, p. 53. 1922. 

Description of method of obtaining photographic record of tree 
growth in respense to irrigation. 

239. Reports of examination of waters, water supply and related 

subjects during the years 1886-1889, by E. W. Hilgard, pp. 57. 


Advance sheets for the combined reports for 1888 and 1889. 
Analysis of waters, pp. 13-32; the water supply of San Bernardino 
Valley, pp. 32-44; lakes of San Joaquin Valley, pp. 44-51; investiga- 
tions on proximate composition of saline contents of waters, and of 
natural alkali, pp. 51-57. 

240. Results of Irrigation Investigations for the year ending 

June 30, 1921, pp. 10. 1921. (Reprint from annual report of 
the Director of the Experiment Station for 1920-1921.) 

Discussion of following: Distribution of water after irrigation; 
mulches on irrigated lands; irrigation map of California; assistance 
to State Power Administrator; development of an improved soil 
tube; cooperative relationships of the Division of Irrigation Investi- 
gations; irrigation of alfalfa; experimental alfalfa tract at Delhi 
Land Settlement Colony; irrigation of deciduous orchards; irrigation 
of Muir peaches in San Joaquin Valley; irrigation of young prune 
trees; transpiration studies; water requirement studies with prune 
trees in tanks; determining transpiration from deciduous fruit trees; 
recording growth of trees; irrigation of Sultanina grapes at Delhi; 
agricultural and irrigated areas of California; summary of agricultural 
and irrigated areas in California as shown on 1922 revision of irriga- 
tion map of California (table). 

241. Rice irrigation experiments. In annual report for 1919- 

1920, pp. 56-57. 1920. 

Results of experiments in depth and time of submergence of rice. 

242. Rice irrigation measurements and experiments in Sacra- 
mento Vallev, 1914-1919, by Frank Adams. Bull. 325, pp. 47- 
69. 1920. 

Continuation of experiments reported in College of Agriculture 
Bulletin 279 (see entry No. 227) over period from 1914 to 1919, and 
report of additional experiments and measurements. 

243. The selection and cost of a small pumping plant, by B. A. 

Etcheverry. Cir. 117, pp. 30. 1918. Revised, 1923. 

Discusses source of water supply, capacity of plant and period of 
operation, kind of pump, class of engine or driving power, first cost, 
fuel cost and cost of fixed charges and attendance. 

Circular 260] LIST 0F irrigation references 31 

244. Soils, irrigation and drainage investigations. In annual 

report for 1920-1921, pp. 19-23. 1922. 

Work of Division of Irrigation Investigations and Practice as 
follows: Distribution of water after irrigation; mulches on irrigated 
lands; capillary rise of water in soils; investigations of irrigation 
district problems; irrigation map of California; assistance to State 
Power Administrator; development of improved soil tube; cooperative 
relationships of the Division of Irrigation Investigations. (Reprinted 
in Eesults of Irrigation Investigations, see entry No. 240.) 

245. Soil moisture studies on heavy soils (citrus fruits). In 

annual report for 1918-1919, pp. 13-14. 1919. 

Determination of length of furrows, interval between irrigations 
and frequency of cultivation. 

246. Some measuring devices used in the delivery of irrigation 

water, by California Agents of Irrigation Investigations. Bull. 
247, pp. 111-180. 1915. 

Description of various measuring devices used in California with 
instructions and tables for their use, and results of tests of accuracy. 

247. Survey of irrigation water supplies. In annual report for 

1918-1919, p. 65. 1919. 

Survey of purity with reference to alkali of irrigation waters 
being used in citrus and walnut belt. 

248. Studies on the irrigation of citrus groves, by Edward E. 

Thomas. Bull. 341, pp. 353-370. 1922. 

Determination of length of furrows, length of runs, time of appli- 
cation as shown by moisture content of the soil, and methods of 

249. Temperature of irrigation water as affecting citrus seed- 
lings. In annual report for 1914-1915, p. 17. 1915. 

Continuation of experiments showing retardation of growth for 
temperatures under 55 degrees F. 

250. Transpiration studies. In annual report for 1920-1921, p. 

52. 1922. 

Observations made as to rate of transpiration on various deciduous 

251. Use of saline and alkali waters in irrigation, by E. W. 

Hilgard. In annual report for 1897-1898, pp. 126-130. 1900. 

Possible to use saline and alkaline waters on certain soils and 
under certain conditions. Discussion of chemical features entering 
into use. 

252. Waters. In annual report for 1888 and 1889, p. 40. 1890. 

Account of analyses of water made by station. 

253. Water requirement studies with prune trees in tanks. In 

annual report for 1920-1921, p. 52. 1922. 

Observations made with young prune trees in Santa Clara Valley. 

254. Winter irrigation of walnuts. In annual report for 1919- 

1920, p. 51. 1920. 

Value of winter irrigation in southern California. 


255. ATTORNEY GENERAL. District irrigation laws of California, 

decisions thereon by the supreme court, compiled by W. H. H. 
Hart, pp. 75. 1891. 

256. Opinions re legality of bonds issued by irrigation districts 

formed under State irrigation laws; remedial legislation sug- 
gested. In report for 1891-1892, pp. 9-10. 1892. 

Desirability of additional section or amendment to State irriga- 
tion district law to compel organizers of districts to have proper 
jurisdiction to create district. 

257. CONSERVATION COMMISSION. Report to the Governor and 

Legislature, pp. 502. 1912. 

Water and water rights, pp. 18-42; wasting of artesian water, p. 
83; irrigable lands in California, pp. 84-85; irrigation resources of 
northern California, by Frank Adams, pp. 90-171; irrigation resources 
of central California, by S. T. Harding and Ealph D. Robertson, pp. 
172-240; irrigation resources of southern California, by C. E. Tait, 
pp. 241-327; water resources investigations in California, pp. 328-334; 
subterranean storage of flood water by artificial methods in San 
Bernardino Valley, California, by Charles H. Lee, pp. 337-399; ground 
water resources of Indian Wells Valley, California, by Charles H. Lee, 
pp. 401-429; also irrigation maps of northern, central and southern 
California (pocket). 

258. Reports on the irrigation resources of northern, central, and 

southern California, by Frank Adams, S. T. Harding, Ralph 
D. Robertson, and C. E. Tait, pp. 243. 1912. 

Keprint from report, 1912 (see entry No. 257) with irrigation 
maps of northern, central, and southern California. 

259. DEPARTMENT OF ENGINEERING. California irrigation dis- 
trict laws as amended 1919, compiled by the California State Library 

for the Department of Engineering. Bull. 6, pp. 176, 1919. 
(See also entry No. 329.) . 

Outline of procedure in formation of an irrigation district; texts 
. v of California irrigation district act (Wright Act), California irriga- 

tion act (since declared unconstitutional), Carey act commission act, 
county water districts, county waterworks district act, and miscel- 
laneous data on irrigation district bond commission and irrigation 

260. — — Flood problems of Calaveras River, by Harry Barnes, pp. 

57. 1919. 
. . . . . Physical data and characteristics of Calaveras River giving stream 

' measurements, use of water, various plans for flood 'control, reservoir 
capacities, and probable- costs. • •• 

261. Investigations of the economical duty of water for alfalfa 

in Sacramento Valley, 1910-1915, by Frank Adams, Ralph D. 
Robertson, Samuel H. Beckett, Wells A. Hutchins, and O. W. 
Israelsen. Bull. 3, pp. 78. 1917. 

Experiments conducted at Davis and on farms over 6-year period. 
(Also printed as appendix C, report for 1914-1916.) (See also Univ. 
of Calif. Exp. Sta. Bull. 280, entry No. 199.) 

Circular 260] LIST 0F irrigation references 33 

262. Irrigation development, history, customs, laws, and admin- 
istrative systems relating to irrigation, water courses, and 
waters in France, Italy and Spain, introductory part of report 
of State Engineer of California, irrigation and irrigation ques- 
tion, by Wm. Ham. Hall, pp. 622. 1886. 

263. Irrigation districts in California, 1887-1915, by Frank 

Adams. Bull. 2, pp. 148. 1917. (First issued 1916.) 

Historical sketch of California irrigation district development to 
February, 1916, with description of districts, discussion of provisions 
of California irrigation district law, discussion of status of California 
irrigation districts as of July 1, 1915, and summary of court decisions 
affecting irrigation districts. (Also printed as appendix B, report 
for 1914-1916.) 

264. Irrigation in California (southern), the field, water-supply, 

and works, organization, and operation in San Diego, San 
Bernardino, and Los Angeles counties, the second part of report 
of State Engineer of California on irrigation and the irrigation 
question, by Wm. Ham. Hall, pp. 672. 1888. 

District and works, operation and maintenance, water-supply and 
use, and history of water-rights. 

265. Irrigation maps of California. Detail maps in the follow- 
ing sheets on scale of one and one-third to one inch per mile : 
Anaheim, Bakersfield, Brena Vista, Centerville, Compton, 
Delano and Poso, Downey, Fresno, Lemoore and Hanford, Los 
Angeles, Merced, Monrovia, Ontario, Porterville and Tipton, 
Pomona, Riverside, San Bernardino, Santa Ana, Santa Monica, 
Traver and Tulare, Visalia. 1885-1888. 

266. Irrigation question, memorandum transmitted to the Legis- 
lature, by Wm. Ham. Hall, pp. 18. 1886. 

Notes on necessity of, and general principles for proper irrigation 
legislation in California. 

267. — — Irrigation questions, memorandum No. 2. California and 
* Australia, bv Wm. Ham. Hall. Presented to the Legislature of 

California, pp. 14. 1886. 

Justification of views advanced in above memorandum. 

268. Irrigation questions in California, synopsis of lecture de- 
livered in Assembly Chamber, by Wm. Ham. Hall, pp. 7. 1878. 

Necessity for definite State irrigation policy and laws. 

269. — ; — Outline of matter and advance sheets of report on legisla- 

tive, administrative, technical and practical problems of irriga- 

• ■•:•: • tion, by Wm: Ham. Hall, pp. 304. 1885 > -. . 

Compiled for legislature as an exhibit of extent and character of 
report on problems of irrigation in preparation. 

270. Physical data and statistics of California, compiled by State 

Engineering Department, by Wm. Ham. Hall, pp. 547. 1886. 

Rain and snowfall, pp. 13-220; temperature and wind direction, 
pp. 221-354; general meteorological data, pp. 355-370; evaporation, 
pp. 371-380; drainage areas or basins, pp. 381-401; flow of streams, 
Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys, 1878-1884, pp. 403-478; water 
supply — artesian wells, pp. 479-547. 


271. Preliminary report on conservation and control of flood 

water in Coachella Valley, California, by C. E. Tait. Bull. 4, 
pp.31. 1917. 

Description of areas considered, stream discharge, climate, wells, 
underground waters, crops, duty of water, floods, spreading of flood 
waters, recommendations for work on flood control. (Also printed 
as appendix D, report for 1914-1916.) 

272. Progress report of Cooperative Irrigation Investigations in 

California, 1912-1914, by Frank Adams. Bull. 1, pp. 74. 1915. 

Brief summary of work carried on by cooperative Irrigation Inves- 
tigations along following lines: irrigation resources survey, irrigation 
legislation, irrigation districts, duty of water determinations, irri- 
gation of grain and rice, irrigation pumping plants, cost of irrigating 
and handling alfalfa, and investigation of wells in Imperial Valley. 
(Reprint from report for 1912-1914.) 

273. Report for 1883 and 1884, by Wm. Ham. Hall, pp. 17. 1884. 

Irrigation Investigations, p. lj report on the problems of irrigation 
(outline), pp. 6-15. 

274. Report on the utilization of Mojave River for irrigation in 

Victor Valley, California, by W. F. McClure, J. A. Sourwine, 
and C. E. Tait. Bull. 5, pp. 93. 1918. 

Study of economic problems confronting land entrymen and 
settlers, history, constructed works and future plans of corporate 
enterprises, water rights for which allowance must be made, amount 
and movement of underground water, extent to which pumping from 
wells can be depended upon for irrigation, amount of annual surface 
water supply, possible sites for storage, possibilities of hydro-electric 
power development, proper duty of water, area for which reclamation 
can be safely undertaken, and most efficient and economical plan 
of irrigation works. 

275. Report to the Legislature — session of 1880, by Wm. Ham. 

Hall, Pt. IV. Irrigation, pp. 191. 1880. 

Introduction — The problems of irrigation; Ch. 1. The irrigation 
regions of California; Ch. 2. Irrigation in California; Ch. 3. The irri- 
gable lands, and water supply; Ch. 4. Results of the Investigation; 
Ch. 5. Conclusions, pp. 128. Also appendices as follows: A — Report 
on irrigation works and practice in Los Angeles and San Bernardino 
counties, by James D. Schuyler, pp. 1-60; B — Report on the works 
and practice of irrigation in Kern County, by James D. Schuyler, 
pp. 61-115; C — Report on irrigation in the Mussel Slough and Fresno 
districts, in Tulare and Fresno counties, pp. 116-161; D — Report on 
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Discusses riparian and appropriation rights to water and conflict 
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with discussion of it. 

Circular 260] LIST 0F irrigation references 35 

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Character of work, progress of work, work of past two years, the 
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Conclusions from field study of use of water under various systems 
treated by physical characteristics, organization, administration, irri- 
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Field investigation and study of data relating to water resources 
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Sources of irrigation water, measurement, soil moisture, method 
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• twenty-eighth convention, 1903, pp. 24-29. 1903. 

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in methods for different types of soil. 

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Increase in irrigation means increase in population, but no 
increase in disease if properly handled. 

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malarial diseases, by H. S. Orme. In tenth biennial report, 
1886-1888, pp. 224-227. 1888. 

No evil effects from irrigation where properly applied. Brings 
out value of tree planting and amount of water taken up by eucalyptus 

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Necessity of drainage for proper health conditions and also on 
account of alkali. 

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Necessity for land drainage and tree planting in irrigated areas. 

Circular 260] LIST 0F irrigation REFERENCES 37 

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Discussion of factors of most importance in irrigation of citrus 

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Deep cultivation desirable. Cultivation and irrigation inseparable. 
Cover crops may be used to supplant some irrigation. 

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Great importance of irrigation in California and growth during 
past 10 years. 

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World-wide importance of irrigation. 

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Prospect of great future irrigation development in southern Cali- 
fornia through building of new additional works. 

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Discussion of effect of irrigation on various fruits grown in Cali- 
fornia with advantages to each. 

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Discusses choice of land, object of irrigation, preparation of land, 
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Necessity for proper forest regulations and evils of present water 

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Necessity for preserving forests and importance in connection 
with rainfall. 

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Application of winter irrigation experiments in Arizona to Cali- 
fornia conditions. 


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Same: Journal of Assembly. Twenty-sixth (extra) session, 
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Reason for calling session is urgent need for settling riparian 

317. Governor's proclamation calling for extra session on deci- 
sion of Supreme Court of California that riparian owners 
along unnavigable streams are entitled to exclusive use of same. 
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Same: Journal of Assemblv. Twenty-sixth (extra) session, 
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Request for grant of land to San Joaquin and Kings River Canal 
and Irrigation Company. 

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Short petition signed by large number of citizens. 


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Assembly. Sixteenth session, Vol. 3 (Doc. 25), pp. 5. 1866. 

Bill to assist in building canal in Colusa, Yolo and Solano counties 
to be known as Sacramento Irrigation and Navigation Canal. Recom- 
mends expending $8,000 for survey. 

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Eeport of committee on act to create irrigation district in San 
Joaquin, Stanislaus, Merced and Fresno counties. 

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Points out necessity of irrigation in Fresno and Tulare counties 
and urges legislation to protect what is already there and render 
more perfect system already in operation. 

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General report on Sacramento Valley Irrigation canal survey 
with area to be irrigated, cost, etc. 

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Bill 321 (an act to develop agricultural interests, and to aid 
in construction of a canal for purposes of irrigation and inland 
trade in Colusa, Yolo and Solano counties). Appendix to 
Journals of Senate and Assembly. Sixteenth session, Vol. 3 
(Doc. 21), pp. 5. 1866. 

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351 (an act to declare ownership of and provide for and regu- 
late diversion, distribution and use of waters). Journal of 
Senate. Thirty-fifth session, pp. 741-742. 1903. 

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result of the reconnaissance of Tulare Lake, 1877, by Wm. Ham. 
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and the reclamation of the overflowed lands adjacent thereto. 
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Governor of California, pp. 77. 1905. 

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amended 1921. Bull. 1, pp. 163. 1922. 

Eevision of Bull. 6, State Department of Engineering. (See entry 
No. 259.) 

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of irrigation districts, issuance of bonds by irrigation districts, 
expenditure of construction funds by irrigation districts, con- 
struction of dams. Bull. 2, pp. 14. 1922. 


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tion. Bull. 3, pp. 155. 1922. 

Somewhat detailed study of surface and underground waters of 
Tulare County, their present development, and possibilities of exten- 
sion. Seven maps in pocket. 

332. RAILROAD COMMISSION. Reports issued for period January 

1, 1911, to June 30, 1912, and annually thereafter. Contain 
miscellaneous administrative references to irrigation, and irri- 
gation and water companies; annual balance sheets of water 
companies; complaints against water companies, etc. 

333. Opinions and orders issued for period January 1, 1911, to 

June 30, 1912, and semi-annually thereafter. Contain reports, 
decisions, and orders in the matter of rates and service of 
public utility irrigation and water companies. 

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pp. 54. 1912. 

Classification of accounts as provided by public utilities act. 

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Pt. I. Text of laws with all citations to and including 185 Cali- 
fornia reports and 43 California appellate laws. Pt. II. Analysis 
and index of laws. 

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Desirability of including public lands under Colusa canal. 

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Suggestions regarding supplying water to both mining and agri- 
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Necessity for legislation in regard to water rights and suggests 
commission to make surveys and form districts. 

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Account of early attempts to prevent control of water from 
passing out of hands of State and into private control — extracts from 
early laws. 

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Of the State laws. In biennial report, 1880-1882, pp. 30-38. 

Articles reprinted from Eecord-Union; also article from State 
Engineer giving views as contrasted with those of Surveyor General 
for purpose of showing importance of legislative action. 

341. Synopsis of acts passed by Legislature of California relat- 
ing to water courses and their use for irrigation by the people 
and by corporations. In biennial report, 1880-1882, pp. 21-30. 


Circular 260] LIST 0F irrigation REFERENCES 41 

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acquire any right to engage in irrigation, pp. 32-33; irrigation as 
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proposing system of defense. 

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Possibility and practicability of measuring annual rate of recharge 
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of factors determining safe yield from a basin by artificial develop- 
ment such as artesian flow or pumping. 

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and maximum utility." 


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Paper based on results of examination by Eeclamation Service 
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Plan for protection of all interests of Sacramento and San Joaquin 
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Eiver, with possibilities for storage and similar situation on other 


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Discussion of methods by which water supply of southern Cali- 
fornia can be increased by storage reservoirs, artesian wells and 
underflow development. 

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General discussion of agricultural conditions in California in rela- 
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Discusison of need of irrigation and methods in use around 

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Main questions of irrigation in California, conflicting interests, 
proposed settlement of conflicts, proposed remedy, proposed record 
of water rights, the civil law and irrigation. 


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Eapid development under irrigation. 

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History of water rights and recognition in courts of country. 

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Disadvantages of water companies and advantages of present 
law of community organization. 

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mendations on State Department of Public Works. 

Circular 260] LIST 0F irrigation REFERENCES 45 

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Development of underground waters, storage, and prevention of 
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392. The underground waters of California in fact and in law, 

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Discussion of presence of underground water and well known 
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General history of use of water in southern California with 
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of artesian wells, by C. E. Grunskv. In transactions, Vol. I, 
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Method for measurement of flow, used in California. 

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Necessity for uniform measurement of water as irrigation becomes 
more important in State. (Supplement to article in transactions, 
Vol. II, May, 1885, pp. 171-174.) 


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surface water in the San Joaquin Valley, by C. E. Grunsky. 
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General discussion based on experiments. 

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Desirability of irrigation in California. 

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399. Irrigated agriculture — the dominant industry of Califor- 
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1904-1905, pp. 50-52. 1905. 

Shows briefly what has been accomplished by private enterprise 
in reclaiming portion of irrigable lands in California. Conditions 
favorable for extensive irrigation. Brief review of some of diffi- 
culties. (Also published in appendix to seventeenth, eighteenth, 
nineteenth, twentieth, twenty-first, twenty-third, and twenty-fourth 
annual reports. Beginning with twentieth annual report combined 
with California Development Board.) 

400. Irrigation and dairying. In nineteenth annual report, 

1908, pp. 26-27. 1908. 

Shows effects of irrigation on dairy industry. (Statistics). (Also 
published in twentieth, twenty-first, twenty-third, twenty-fourth, 
twenty-sixth, twenty-seventh, and twenty-eighth annual reports. 
Beginning with twentieth annual report combined with California 
Development Board.) 


401. Address to Legislature, of the State of California, twenty-sixth 

session, by the Legislative Irrigation Committee of the State 
Irrigation Convention held at Fresno in December, 1884, pp. 
60. 1884. 

Advocating measures before legislature; gives extracts from 
newspapers on subject of irrigation, supplements and petitions. 

402. Address to settlers of Imperial Valley, by A. H. Heber, pp. 61. 


Address by president of the California Development Company to 
settlers of Imperial Valley and defense of great work and accomplish- 
ments in reclamation, settlement and colonization of Colorado desert. 

403. Address of State Irrigation Committe to the Fresno and River- 

side conventions and to the anti-riparian voters of California, 

pp. 299. 1886. 

Formation of state organization; extracts from newspapers; articles 
of association of anti-riparian club. 

404. Alessandro irrigation district, California : its physical, engineer- 

ing and business problems and conditions, by Wm. Ham. Hall ; 
its legal status, by Wilson and Wilson, pp. 62. Bacon and Co., 
San Francisco, printers. 1891. 

Eeports designed to give information to bankers and investors. 


405. Anaheim irrigation district: its physical and engineering prob- 

lems and business prospects, by Board of Directors, pp. 38. 

Published for information of irrigation district bond purchasers — 
gives history of district and discusses water supply. 

406. Butte water supply and land project: the physical, engineering 

and business problems and conditions, by Wm. Ham. Hall, pp. 
44. Bacon and Co., San Francisco, printers. 1891. 
Eeport on water supply and duty of water. 

407. Central Irrigation District: its physical, engineering, and busi- 

ness problems and conditions, by Wm. Ham. Hall; its legal 
status, by Wilson and Wilson, pp. 63. Bacon and Co., Printers. 
(No date.) 

Eeport for information of bankers and investors on water supply, 
plans and estimates for work, suitability of land for irrigation. 

408. The distribution of the surplus waters of the Los Angeles aque- 

duct, by J. H. Quinton, W. H. Code, and Homer Hamlin, pp. 
25. 1911. 

Amount of water to be devoted to distribution, present needs of 
city, area which can be supplied, duty of water. 

409. Efficiency in citrus irrigation, by Frank M. Eaton, pp. 16. San 

Diego Land Corporation, Chula Vista, publishers. (No date.) 
Analysis of factors which must be considered before proper irriga- 
tion is possible. 

410. Government irrigation and the settler, by A. J. Wells, pp. 64. 

Southern Pacific Co., San Francisco, publishers. 1910. 

Description of work under Eeclamation Act — Orland project, pp. 
13-22; Klamath project, pp. 23-29; Yuma project, pp. 47-55; Imperial 
Valley, pp. 55-63. 

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Times-Mirror, Ptg. and Binding House, Los Angeles, printers. 

Eeport on district as to water supply, duty of water, etc. 

412. The great water problem, by L. F. Moulton, pp. 16. 1891. 

Eesults of survey from Knights Landing to upper end of canal 
made by the old Swamp Lands Commission; objections to filling of 
streams to prevent navigation. 

413. Horse sense water development, or irrigation solved, by John 

Baker, pp. 19. Machin and Mosteller, Los Angeles, printers. 


Plan for water development for obtaining underflow, cost of 
construction, purification of water, etc. 

414. Imperial valley scrap book, compiled by L. M. Holt, pp. 151. 

(No date.) 

Press clippings of country relative to reclamation and settlement 
of Imperial Valley. 

Circular 260] LIST 0F irrigation REFERENCES 49 

415. Irrigation of the Sacramento Valley, by J. B. Lippincott. An 

address at the reception of the congressional irrigation commit- 
tee at Red Bluff, California, June 15, 1905, pp. 24. Southern 
Pacific Company, San Francisco, publishers. 1905. 

Survey of work done and to be done. Possibilities in way of 
irrigation. (Eeprint from Red Bluff Daily News.) 

416. Irrigation in California: the San Joaquin and Tulare plains, pp. 

22. 1873. 

Natural drainage system, volume of drainage, meteorology, soils 
of great plains and their surfaces, a comprehensive canal system, 
practicable features, descriptions of various canals, and irrigation 

417. Irrigation in southern California, by Harry E. Brook, pp. 48. 


Advantages, methods, systems of irrigation and text of Wright 

418. The Irrigation Investigation by the State Department of Engi- 

neering — correspondence concerning the publication of its re- 
sults, pp. 7. 1882. 

Advisability of making work of department available at once 
instead of waiting until complete. 

419. Knight's Landing Cut Project. Report to the Knight's Landing 

Ridge Committee, by Haviland and Tibbetts, pp. 111. 1912. 

Keport prepared at request of committee of land owners and gives 
results of study of flood conditions in Colusa Basin and upper Yolo 
Basin and recommends measures for flood control. 

420. An opinion on the rights of the city of San Diego to waters of 

the San Diego river, by T. B. Cosgrove, pp. 23. 1914. 

Address to Common Council of San Diego; gives opinions as to 
legal rights. 

421. Perris irrigation district, California: its physical, engineering 

and business problems and conditions, by Wm. Ham. Hall ; its 
legal status, by Wilson and Wilson, pp. 73. Bacon and Co., San 
Francisco, printers. 1891. 

For information of bankers and investors in buying bonds. 

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and Tulare valleys. The San Joaquin and Kings River Canal 
and Irrigation Company, pp. 16. A. L. Bancroft and Co., San 
Francisco, publishers. 1873. 

Financial status of company — acts under which company organ- 
ized and proposed aid from congress. 

423. Reclamation of arid lands by irrigation. Report of committee on 

arid lands of the California Board of Trade, pp. 52. H. S. 

Crocker, printer. 1889. 

Physical condition of California as related to irrigation; amount 
of irrigable land in State; amount of water that can be obtained; 
advantages of irrigation; does irrigation pay; present condition of 
irrigation and interest of national government in it. 


424. Reclamation of marsh and swamp lands and projected canals 

for irrigation in California, by J. Ross Browne, pp. 60. 1872. 

Discussion of possibilities of reclamation and of irrigation com- 
panies already in field. 

425. Reports on the projected works of the Tulare Irrigation District, 

Tulare County, California, by Board of Directors and Engi- 
neers, pp. 47. 1890. 

Report as submitted by engineer with discussion of canals, reservoir, 
duty of water, drainage, costs, etc. 

426. Stanislaus and San Joaquin Water Company, pp. 120. 1895. 

History of organization, by Henry I. Willey, pp. 3-7; report on 
engineering characteristics, by George Davidson, pp. 8-47; report on 
finance and accounts, by Barrow, Wade, Guthrie and Company, pp. 
48-54; report on legal status and title, by Gunnison, Booth and Bart- 
nett, pp. 55-63; report on valuation, by Thomas Poyzer, pp. 64-65; 
copy of deed of trust, pp. 66-107; copy of water contract and article 
from Stockton Mail, pp. 108-120. 

427. Supplement to address to the Legislature of the State of Cali- 

fornia, twenty-sixth session, by the Legislative Irrigation Com- 
mittee of the State Irrigation Convention held at Fresno, 
December, 1884, pp. 88. 1884. 

Petitions presented to Senate and Assembly asking the passage 
of irrigation bills. (See entry No. 401.) 

428. Report of the Turlock and Modesto Irrigation districts, by Bur- 

ton Smith, and H. S. Crowe, pp. 129. 1912. 

In reports on proposed use of Tuolumne River on behalf of San 
Francisco and neighboring cities, containing discussion of irrigation 
development dependent on Tuolumne River waters and impractic- 
ability of using Tuolumne River as source of water supply for San 
Francisco and bay cities. 







429. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. Department Bulletin. 
Capillary movement of soil moisture, by Walter W. McLaugh- 
lin. Bull. 835, pp. 69. 1920. 

Results of experiments conducted over 5-year period. Includes: 
Eate and extent of movement of soil moisture by capillarity; effect 
of gravity on movement of soil moisture; evaluation of empirical 
curves; open vs. covered flumes; effect of temperature on soil mois- 
ture conditions; capillary siphon; capillary movement of moisture 
from a wet to a dry soil. 

430. Concrete lining as applied to irrigation canals, by 

Samuel Fortier. Bull. 126, pp. 86. 1914. 

Investigation to show need of lining canals and best practice to 
follow. Contains tables showing seepage measurement and flow of 
water in concrete-lined canals. Also results of expansion and con- 
traction tests. 

431. The flow of water in concrete pipe, by Fred C. Scobev. 

Bull. 852, pp. 100. 1920. 

Information based on field tests made on pressure pipes and grade 
line pipes in commercial operation with conclusions drawn there- 
from. Especially suited for use of engineers and others in technical 

432. The flow of water in irrigation channels, by Fred C. 

Scobey. Bull. 194, pp. 68. 1915. 

Conclusions based on field tests made for purpose of determining 
retardation factor in Kutter's formula under various conditions 
found in practice. Data intended to aid in design and construction 
of irrigation and similar channels. Intended for engineers and for 
use in other technical work. 

433. The flow of water in wood -stave pipe, by Fred C. 

Scobey. Bull. 376, pp. 96. 1916. 

Conclusions based on field tests of pipes in commercial operation. 
New formulas developed that more accurately fit all known data 
than any formerly used. Designed especially for engineers and other 
technical men. 

434. Gate structures for irrigation canals, by Fred C. 

Scobey. Bull. 115, pp. 61. 1914. 

Purpose of bulletin to bring together designs adapted to many 
localities so that practice of whole country may be available to those 
building systems. Deals principally with small and medium sized 


435. Spillways for reservoirs and canals, by A. T. Mitchel- 

son. Bull. 831, pp. 40. 1920. 

Treats various types of spillways for reservoirs and canals, with 
discussion pertaining to relative advantages of overflow and siphon 
types. Gives results of experiments and field observations. 

436. Spray irrigation, by Milo B. Williams. Bull. 495, 

pp. 40. 1917. 

Conditions adapted to spray irrigation; amount of water required; 
development of water supplies; types of systems; types of pumps; 
outline of procedure in installing system. 

437. The western farmer's water right, by R. P. Teele. 

Bull. 913, pp. 14. 1920. 

Discussion of acquirement of water rights and information of 
general nature for use of farmer. 

438. Wood pipe for conveying water for irrigation, by 

S. 0. Jayne. Bull. 155, pp. 40. 1914. 

Detailed study of wood pipe with view to arriving at proper esti- 
mate of possibilities and limitations. 

439. Farmer's Bulletins. The border method of irrigation, by 

Samuel Fortier. Bull. 1243, pp. 41. 1922. 

Preparation of land for border method and use of border method 
in various western states. 

440. The construction and use of farm weirs, by Victor 

M. Cone. Bull. 813, pp. 18. 1917. 

Bulletin designed to give practical directions for construction and 
use of smaller sizes of weirs such as are suited to the measurement 
of water on farm. 

441. Farm reservoirs, by Samuel Fortier. Bull. 828, pp. 

36. 1917. 

Discusses purpose of building reservoir; water supply for farm 
reservoirs; selection of site; loss of water from reservoirs; inlets; 
outlets and gates; wasteways; slope protection; dimensions and 
embankments; types of farm reservoirs. 

442. The Farmer's short-box measuring flume, bv Carl 

Rohwer. Bull. 1110, pp. 13. 1922. 

Description of flume with drawings and tables for use. 

443. How to build small irrigation ditches, by C. T. John- 
ston and J. D. Stannard. Bull. 158, pp. 28. 1902. 

Specific directions for building small irrigation ditches on farm. 

444. Irrigation in field and garden, by E. J. Wickson. 

Bull. 138, pp. 40. 1901. 

Points out desirability of irrigation and simplicity of installing 

445. Irrigation of alfalfa, by Samuel Fortier. Bull. 865, 

pp. 40. 1917. (First issued as Farmers' Bulletin 373.) 

Preparation of land for, and methods of alfalfa irrigation. 

Circular 260] LIST 0F irrigation REFERENCES 53 

446. Irrigation of grain, by Walter W. McLaughlin. Bull. 

863, pp. 22. 1917. (First issued as Farmers' Bulletin 399.) 

Methods of applying water; when to irrigate; quantity of water 
required; relation of irrigation to rate of seeding; danger of failure; 
value of irrigated grain land. 

447. Irrigation of orchards, by Samuel Fortier. Bull. 882, 

pp.40. 1917. (First issued as Farmers' Bulletin 404.) 

Information as to selection of land, method of irrigation, time of 
irrigation, duty of water, evaporation losses, etc. 

448. Irrigation of sugar beets, by F. W. Roeding. Bull. 

392, pp. 52. 1910. 

Methods used in various irrigated beet-growing sections of value 
to settlers and also improvement of methods. Gives results of experi- 
ments conducted over 4-year period. 

449. Irrigation practice in rice growing, by C. G. Haskell. 

Bull. 673, pp. 12. 1915. 

Making a water supply available; preparing for irrigation; apply- 
ing the water; methods and means of irrigation as developed in 
southern rice sections of the United States. 

450. Practical information for beginners in irrigation, by 

Samuel Fortier. Bull. 864, pp. 44. 1922. (First issued as 
Farmers' Bulletin 263; also as Farmers' Bulletin 864 (1917).) 

Suggestions as to preparing land for irrigation, laying out and 
building farm ditches, and handling water supply. 

451. Journal of Agricultural Research. Evaporation from the 

surface of water and river-bed materials, by R. B. Sleight. 
Vol. 10, No. 5, pp. 209-261. 1917. 

Results of studies made at Denver irrigation field laboratory. 

452. Office of Experiment Stations. Current wheels: their use 

in lifting water for irrigation. Bull. 146, pp. 38. 1904. 

Gives theory of current wheels and descriptions, photographs, and 
drawings of a large number of current wheels now in use. 

453. Delivery of water to irrigators, by Frank Adams. 

Bull. 229, pp. 99. 1910. 

Describes systems adopted in some 40 or 50 irrigation enterprises 
in the west with a view to leading to adoption of better methods through- 
out country. 

454. Evaporation from irrigated soils, by Samuel Fortier 

and S. H. Beckett. Bull. 248, pp. 77. 1912. 

Eesults of experiments conducted in seven states on effects of 
soil mulches of different depths, cultivation to different depths, and 
of shallow and deep furrow irrigation. 

455. Irrigation of rice in the United States, by Frank 

Bond and George H. Keeney. Bull. 113, pp. 77. 1902. 

Gives results of studies made as to cause of decline in rice pro- 
duction in south Atlantic states and suggestions as to remedies that 
will lead to increases. 


456. Irrigation practice among fruit growers of the Pacific 

Coast, by E. J. Wickson. Bull. 108, pp. 54. 1902. 

Eesults of special investigations into conditions, extent and 
methods of irrigation as practiced among fruit growers of coast. 
Discusses relation of physical features to irrigation practice, rela- 
tion of tillage in irrigation, interculture in orchard and vineyard, 
methods of applying water, etc. 

457. Methods of applying water to crops, by Samuel 

Fortier. Separate, pp. 293-308. 1910. (Reprint from Year- 
book of Department of Agriculture for 1909.) 

Discusses opportunity for improvement of methods; preparatory 
steps in irrigation; methods used; and irrigation of different crops. 

458. Preparing land for irrigation and methods of apply- 
ing water, by agents of Irrigation Investigations. Bull. 145, 
pp. 84. 1904. 

Discussion of subject from actual experience with descriptions of 
tools and implements used; methods to be employed; cost of work, etc. 

459. Review of ten years of irrigation investigations, by 

R. P. Teele, Separate, pp. 355-405. 1909. (Reprint from 
annual report of the Office of Experiment Stations for the 
year ended June 30, 1908.) 

Work of office for preceding ten years; water right contracts; 
organization of irrigation enterprises; duty of water; quantities of 
water applied to crops; losses in transmission; most economical use 
of water; losses by evaporation and percolation; supplying practical 
information to water users; irrigation of rice; irrigation in humid 

460. Rise and future of irrigation in the United States, 

by Elwood Mead. Separate, pp. 591-612. 1900. (Reprint 
from Yearbook of Department of Agriculture for 1899.) 

Discussion of rise of irrigation and economic features connected 
with it. 

461. The State Engineer and his relation to irrigation, by 

R. P. Teele. Bull. 168, pp. 99. 1906. 

Methods used in different states for (1) defining existing rights; 
(2) supervising the acquirement of new rights; and (3) distributing 
water, are discussed with hope that best in each system may be 

462. The storage of water for irrigation purposes, by 

Samuel Fortier and F. L. Bixby. Bull. 249. 1912. 

Pt. I. Earth-fill dams and hydraulic-fill dams, pp. 95. Pt. II. 
Timber-dams and rock-fill dams, pp. 64. Construction of both types 
of dams especially as to character of materials, foundations, embank- 
ments, corewalls, outlets, slope protection, and wasteways with 
descriptions of successful dams. 

463. The use of small water supplies for irrigation, by 

Samuel Fortier. Separate, pp. 409-424. 1908. (Reprint from 
Yearbook of Department of Agriculture for 1907.) 

Discusses the source of small water supplies; need of small water 
supplies in arid regions; storing flow from springs; small water 
supplies from windmills; deep-well pumping plants; and small elec- 
tric pumping plants. 





United States Government Publications • 

464. Department of Agriculture. Rice experiments at the Biggs Rice 

Field Station in California, by Jenkins W. Jones. Dept. Bull. 
1155, pp. 59. 1923. 

History of rice growing in California; environmental, cultural, 
irrigation, fertilizer and varietal experiments at Biggs station; weed 
control and follow crops for rice land. 

465. Department of the Interior. Geological Survey. Hydro-electric 

power systems in California and their extensions into Oregon 
and Nevada, by Frederick Hall Fowler. Water Supply Paper 
493, pp. 1276. 1923. 

Flow of California streams of interest in hydro-electric develop- 
ment including low flow and flood flow of 15 California streams, 
together with discussion of existing reservoirs and summary of exist- 
ing stream flow records. (12 maps in pocket.) 

State of California Publications 

466. Agricultural Experiment Station, University of California. 

Results of Rice Experiments in 1922, by C. F. Dunshee. Bull. 
354, pp. 401-415. 1923. 

Effects of seeding and submergence on water grass control and 
yields; water and soil analyses; rice weeds. 

467. Department of Public Works, Division of Water Rights. Hydro- 

graphic Investigations of San Joaquin River, by H. A. Klugel 
and Harrison Smitherum. Bull. 1, pp. 120. 1923. 

Detailed account of daily diversions and monthly summaries and 
return flow measurements based on lower San Joaquin River hydro- 
graphic survey. 

468. Kings River Investigation, by Harold Conkling and 

Charles L. Kaupke. Bull. 2, pp. 239. 1923. 

Present and proposed use of water for irrigation and power develop- 
ment. Water Master's Eeport, 1918-1923; effect of Pine Flat reservoir; 
power in headwaters; canal diversions. 

469. Report of the Division of Water Rights. To accom- 

panv the first Biennial Report of the Department of Public 
Works, 1922, pp. 135 ; 1923, Pt. IV. 

Salinity investigations in Sacramento and San Joaquin deltas, pp. 
1-84; investigations in connection with points in Sacramento Valley 
floor, pp. 84-90; return waters of lower San Joaquin, pp. 90-104; 
report on cooperative work of U. S. Geological Survey, p. 110; report 
on water resources investigation, p. 113. 


470. Division of Engineering and Irrigation. Water resources 

of California. Bull. 4, pp. 55. 1923. 

A report to the legislature of 1923. Summary of results of investi- 
gation authorized by legislature of 1921. Detail of investigations to 
be published in four appendices, of which the following have been 

Appendix "A" to Water Resources of California, Flow in 
California streams. Bull. 5. 1923. 

Precipitation, run off from mountain areas, mean seasonal run off 
from mountains, flood flows and equalization of the periodic run off 
from the mountains. 

Appendix "B" to Water Resources of California. Irriga- 
tion requirements of California lands. Bull. 6. 1923. 

Agricultural lands; climatology; duty of water for irrigation; 
monthly irrigation demand; irrigation requirements of agricultural 
lands; net areas irrigated in large agricultural districts; endurable 
deficiencies in an irrigation supply. 

471. Report of Division of Engineering and Irrigation. To 

accompanv the first Biennial Report of the Department of 
Public Works, 1922, pp. 58 ; 1923, Pt. III. 

State water resources investigation, pp. 19-22; irrigation districts, 
pp. 22-25; water storage districts, pp. 25-26; water resource investi- 
gations of Kern River, Tulare County, San Jacinto Valley, and Mono 
Basin, pp. 29-30; Colorado River Commission, pp. 31-33; flood control, 
Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys, pp. 33—40; cooperative investi- 
gations with Federal Government, including stream gaging, pp. 40-46; 
underground waters, pp. 47; irrigation investigations, pp. 48-56; irri- 
gation of Shasta Valley, pp. 56-57; functions of the Bureau of 
Engineering and Irrigation, pp. 57-58. 

Circular 260] 





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Mountain View, 214, 215, 250, 253. 

Norman, 241, 242. 

Owens valley, 113. 

Sacramento valley, 197, 199, 200, 227, 
242, 253. 

Santa Clara valley, 194, 195, 214, 215, 

Irrigation laws, general, 22, 25, 51, 58, 61, 

63, 262, 266, 267, 268, 269, 337, 341, 
342 349, 401, 427. 

Irrigation districts, 255, 259, 263, 290, 
322, 329, 330, 375, 389, 417. 

Water rights, 26, 33, 34, 53, 257, 276, 

277, 287, 307, 316 317, 318, 326, 

338, 339, 340, 343, 344, 346, 364, 

366, 370, 373, 376, 377, 378, 379, 

382, 385, 392, 403, 420, 437, 459, 

Irrigation maps of California, 10, 26, 257, 
253, 277, 286. 

Irrigation resources, general, 26, 49, 61, 76, 
82, 171, 240, 257, 258, 270, 275, 470. 

Los Angeles aqueduct, irrigation from, 408. 

Los Angeles county, 33, 37, 132, 173, 264, 
275, 356, 386. 

Los Angeles river, 33, 129, 190. 

Measurement of irrigation water, 232, 246, 
395, 440, 442. 

Mojave desert, irrigation in, 132, 386. 
Mojave river, 84, 274. 
Orchard irrigation, 8. 

Citrus, 16, 17, 18, 19, 37, 191, 209, 223, 

248, 249, 299, 305, 409, 447, 456. 
Deciduous 32, 194, 195, 201, 209, 214, 
215, 225, 238, 250, 253, 254, 309, 
447, 456. 

Owens valley, 104, 113. 

Operations of the Reclamation Service in, 
138, 139, 140, 141, 142, 143, 155, 

Pit river, 138, 150, 151, 156, 159, 160, 

Preparation of land, 8, 9, 13, 14, 31, 50, 
199 204, 209, 211, 220, 221, 222, 
227, 228, 236, 248, 261, 292, 306, 
409, 439, 443, 445, 446, 447, 448, 
449, 450, 457, 458. 

Pumping for irrigation (see also under- 
ground water and census reports), 180, 
181, 183, 184, 185, 272, 367, 368, 
Coachella valley, 110. 
Kern river, 288. 
Near Lindsay, 16. 
Near Pomona, 37. 
Sacramento valley, 107. 
San Bernardino valley, 35, 95, 96. 
San Jacinto and Temecula basins 108. 
San Joaquin valley, 109. 
Santa Clara valley, 23. 
Southern California, 105, 119. 
Victor valley, 274. 

Pumping plants, mechanical tests, 28, 29, 
108, 109. 

Quality of irrigation waters (see also under- 
ground waters especially entries 107, 
109), 120, 188, 189, 190, 202, 229, 
239, 247, 251, 252, 346. 

Reclamation Service, projects and opera- 
tions, 88, 89, 90. 

Colorado river, 55, 137, 138, 142, 143, 
144, 145, 146, 147, 148, 149, 357. 

Honey Lake valley reconnaissance, 138, 
151, 156. 

Imperial valley, 55, 140, 153, 154, 155, 

Iron canyon, 149, 150, 151, 154, 155, 
156, 157, 158. 

Jess valley, 155, 156. 

Klamath, 44, 47, 138, 139, 140, 141, 
142, 143, 144, 145, 146, 147, 148, 
149, 150, 151, 152, 153, 154, 155, 
156, 387, 410. 

Circular 260] 



Orland, 44, 47, 142, 143, 144, 145, 146, 

147, 148, 149, 150, 151, 152, 153, 

154, 155, 156, 410. 
Owens river, 138, 139, 140, 141, 142, 

143, 155, 156. 
Palo Verde, 156. 
Pit river reconnaissance, 138, 150, 151, 

156, 159, 160. 
Sacramento valley, 47, 138, 140, 141, 

142, 144, 154, 156. 
San Diego river, 55, 156. 

San .Toaquin valley, 140, 141, 142, 156. 

Shasta valley, 140, 156. 

Stony Gorge, 156. 

"Warner reservoir, 155, 156. 

Yuma, 44, 47, 55, 139, 140, 141, 142, 

143, 144, 145, 146, 147, 148, 149, 
150, 151, 152, 153, 154, 155, 156, 410. 

Rice irrigation, 9, 346, 449, 455, 466. 
Biggs Rice Field Station, 2, 7, 227, 241, 
242, 272, 464. 

Riverside county, 95, 96, 108, 110, 365. 

Sacramento valley, 24, 33, 49, 80, 175, 197, 
199, 200, 306, 336, 398, 406. 

American river, 81. 

Cache creek, 24, 33, 56, 136, 177, 275. 

Feather river, 24, 26. 

Irrigation and navigations canal, 321, 
324, 325. 

Operations of the Reclamation Service, 
44, 47, 138, 140, 141, 142, 143, 144, 
145, 146, 147, 148, 149, 150, 151, 
152, 153, 154, 155, 156, 157, 158, 

Sacramento river, 42, 43, 65, 72, 190, 

Stony creek, 24, 27, 56, 128. 

Underground waters, 107. 

Yuba river, 33, 56, 121. 

Salinas valley, 33, 56, 134. 

San Bernardino valley, 35, 84, 95, 96, 
112, 264, 275. 

San Diego county, irrigation in, 33, 61, 67, 
81, 103, 155, 156, 264, 351, 352, 420. 

San Jacinto river, irrigation from, 33, 108. 

San Joaquin valley, 25, 26, 33, 49, 80. 

165, 171, 176, 323. 416. 
Near Bakersfield, 114. 
Chowchilla river, 26, 81. 
Fresno river, 26, 81. 
Near Fresno, 115. 
Kern river, 56, 81, 117, 190, 275, 288, 

Kings river, 33, 56, 81, 124, 190, 275, 

287, 468. 
Merced river, 26, 190. 
Near Merced, 116. 
Mokelumne river, 190. 

Operations of the Reclamation Service, 

140, 141, 142, 156. 
San Joaquin river, 26, 33, 54, 190, 275, 

319, 328, 422, 467. 
Stanislaus river, 26. 
Tulare- county, 190, 331, 471. 
Tule river, 16. 
Tuolumne river, 26, 428. 
Underground waters, 109, 118, 396. 

Santa Ana river, irrigation from, 17, 18, 
19, 26, 359. 

Santa Barbara water supply, 131. 

Santa Clara river, irrigation from, 26. 

Santa Clara valley, 23, 26, 31, 106. 

Seepage losses 13, 16, 34, 205, 231, 430. 

Sewage irrigation, 381. 

Shasta valley, 26, 469. 

Operations of the Reclamation Service, 
140, 156. 

Sierra Nevada foothills, 209. 

Small fruits, irrigation of, 228. 

Small water supplies, 463. 

Soil moisture, 12, 14, 20, 166, 191, 192, 

193, 194, 206, 230, 233, 236, 244, 

245, 248, 289, 291, 292, 299, 300, 
303, 380, 409, 429, 454. 

Soil surveys, 3, 209. 

Spillways, 435. 

Spray irrigation, 436. 

Storage, 64, 80, 83, 180, 257, 293, 294, 

462, 463. 
American river, 344. 
Arrowhead reservoir, 81. 
Bear Valley, 81. 
Cache creek, 33, 79, 81, 136. 
Coachella valley (underground), 271. 
Colorado river, 55. 
Fresno river, 81. 
Hemet valley, 81. 
Honey Lake valley, 81. 
Kern river, 117, 288. 
Kings river, 124. 
Merced river, 8. 
Mojave river, 274. 
Pit river, 159, 160. 
Near Pomona (underground), 37. 
San Bernardino valley (underground) 

35, 257, 355. 
Sacramento basin, 344. 
Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys, 49, 

358, 391. 
San Diego county, 33, 61, 67, 81, 351, 

Salinas valley, 33, 134. 
For San Francisco and bay cities, 45. 
San Jacinto river, 33. 



Stony creek, 125. 

Southern California, 360, 361, 393. 

Truckee basin, 135. 

Tulare county, 331. 

Underground, 346, 354. 

Yuba river, 33, 344. 

Stream measurements, 56, 78, 83, 84, 85, 

88, 89, 90, 91, 279, 280, 281, 282, 

283, 284, 285, 315, 345, 346, 470, 469. 
Colorado river drainage, 83, 127, 137. 
Mojave river, 84. 
Owens \alley, 104, 113. 
Pacific coast and great basin streams, 

102, 126, 127, 133. 
Sacramento river basin, 80, 102, 133, 

270, 469. 
Salinas river, 134. 
San Francisco bay drainage, 83, 85, 86, 

San Joaquin river basin, 80, 102, 117, 

133, 270, 469. 
South Pacific watershed, 83, 84, 86, 87, 


Temperature of irrigation water, 242, 249. 

Truckee basin, 135. 

Underground waters, 281, 282, 283, 284, 
285, 346, 354, 355, 392, 394, 469. 
Antelope valley, 132. 

Central coastal plain, southern California, 

Coachella valley, 110, 271. 

Eastern coastal plain, southern Califor- 
nia, 98. 

Fluctuations in ground waters, 100, 101. 

Foothili belt, southern California, 105. 

Imperial valley, 272, 282. 

Indian "Wells valley, 257. 

Indio region, 110. 

Los Angeles river basin, 129. 

Morgan Hill area, 106. 

Niles cone, 111. 

Owens valley, 104, 113> ,-.. 

Pomona, 37. 

Sacramento valley, 107 . 

San Bernardino valley, 35, 95, 96, 112, 
257, 355. 

San Diego county, 103. 

San Jacinto and Temecula basins, 108. 

San Joaquin valley, 109, 118, 391, 396. 

Southern California, 100, 101, 119, 130, 
279, 361, 388, 393. 

Tulare county, 331. 

Victor valley, 274. 

Western coastal plain, southern Califor- 
nia, 99. 

Victor valley, 274. 

Water Commission Act,. 379. 

Water rates (see Railroad Commission, en- 
tries Nos. 332, 333, 334). 

Water resources, 470, 471, 469. 

Water requirements of crops (see duty of 

Water power, 373, 465. 
American river, 344. 
Feather river, 344. 
Pit river, 344. 
San Joaquin river, 344. 
Tuolumne river, 344. 

Woodstave pipe, 433, 438. 

Circular 260] 




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Irrigation and Soil Conditions in the 
Sierra Nevada Foothills, California. 

Melaxuma of the Walnut, "Juglans 

Citrus Diseases of Florida and Cuba 
Compared with those of California. 

Size Grades for Ripe Olives. 

Growing and Grafting Olive Seedlings. 

A Comparison of Annual Cropping, Bi- 
ennial Cropping, and Green Manures 
on the Yield of Wheat. 

Preliminary Report on Kearney Vine- 
yard Experimental Drain. 

The Cultivation of Belladonna in Cali- 

The Pomegranate. 

Grain Sorghums. 

Irrigation of Rice in California. 

Irrigation of Alfalfa in the Sacramento 

The Olive Insects of California. 

The Milk Goat in California. 

Commercial Fertilizers. 

Vineerar from Waste Fruits. 

Bean Culture in California. 

The Almond in California. 

Seedless Raisin Grapes. 

The Use of Lumber on California Farms. 

A study on the Effects of Freezes on 
Citrus in California. 

I. Fumigation with Liquid Hydrocyanic 
Acid. II. Physical and Chemical Prop- 
erties of Liquid Hydrocyanic Acid. 

Mariout Barley. 

Pruning Young Deciduous Fruit Trees. 

The Kaki or Oriental Persimmon. 

Selections of Stocks in Citrus Propa- 

Caprifigs and Caprification. 

Commercial Production of Grape Syrup. 

Storage of Perishable Fruit at Freezing 

Rice Irrigation Measurements and Ex- 
periments in Sacramento Valley, 


















Prune Growing in California. 

Phylloxera-Resistant Stocks. 

Walnut Culture in California. 

Preliminary Volume Tables for Second- 
Growth Redwoods. 

Cocoanut Meal as a Feed for Dairy 
Cows and Other Livestock. 

The Preparation of Nicotine Dust as 
an Insecticide. 

Some Factors of Dehydrater Efficiency. 

The Relative Cost of Making Logs from 
Small and Large Timber. 

Studies on Irrigation of Citrus Groves. 

Hog Feeding Experiments. 

Cheese Pests and Their Control. 

Cold Storage as an Aid to the Market- 
ing of Plums. 

Fertilizer Experiments with Citrus 

Almond Pollination. 

The Control of Red Spiders in Decidu- 
ous Orchards. 

Pruning Young Olive Trees. 

A Study of Sidedraft and Tractor 

Agriculture in Cut-over Redwood Lands. 

California State Dairy Cow Competition. 

Further Experiments in Plum Pollina- 

Bovine Infectious Abortion. 

Results of Rice Experiments in 1922. 

The Peach Twig Borer. 

Observations on Some Rice Weeds in 

A Self-mixing Dusting Machine for 
Applying Dry Insecticides and 

Black Measles, Water Berries, and 
Related Vine Troubles. 

Fruit Beverage Investigations. 


No. No. 

70. Observations on the Status of Corn 166. 

Growing in California. 167. 

82. The Common Ground Squirrel of Cali- 170. 


87. Alfalfa. 172. 

110. Green Manuring in California. 173. 

111. The Use of Lime and Gypsum on Cali- 

fornia Soils. 174. 

113. Correspondence Courses in Agriculture. 175. 
117. The Selection and Cost of a Small 

Pumping Plant. 178. 

127. House Fumigation. 179. 
136. Melilotus indica as a Green-Manure 

Crop for California. 182. 
144. Oidium or Powdery Mildew of the Vine. 

148. "Lungworms." 183. 

151. Feeding and Management of Hogs. 184. 

152. Some Observations on the Bulk Hand- 188. 

ling of Grain in California. 190. 

155. Bovine Tuberculosis. 193. 

157. Control of the Pear Scab. 198. 

159. Agriculture in the Imperial Valley. 199. 

160. Lettuce Growing in California. 201. 

161. Potatoes in California. 202. 
165. Fundamentals of Sugar Beet Culture 

under California Conditions. 203. 

The County Farm Bureau. 
Feeding Stuffs of Minor Importance. 
Fertilizing California Soils for the 1918 

Wheat Culture. 
The Construction of the Wood-Hoop 

Farm Drainage Methods. 
Progress Report on the Marketing and 

Distribution of Milk. 
The Packing of Apples in California. 
Factors of Importance in Producing 

Milk of Low Bacterial Count. 
Extending the Area of Irrigated Wheat 

in California for 1918. 
Infectious Abortion in Cows. 
A Flock of Sheep on the Farm. 
Lambing Sheds. 

Agriculture Clubs in California. 
A Study of Farm Labor in California. 
Syrup from Sweet Sorghum. 
Onion Growing in California. 
Helpful Hints to Hog Raisers. 
County Organizations for Rural Fire 

Peat as a Manure Substitute. 

CIRCULARS — Continued 














Jack Cheese. 

Summary of the Annual Reports of the 
Farm Advisors of California. 

The Function of the Farm Bureau. 

Suggestions to the Settler in California. 

Salvaging Rain-Damaged Prunes. 

Seed Treatment for the Prevention of 
Cereal Smuts. 

Feeding Dairy Cows in California. 

Methods for Marketing Vegetables in 

Advanced Registry Testing of Dairy 

The Present Status of Alkali. 

Control of the Brown Apricot Scale 
and the Italian Pear Scale on Decid- 
uous Fruit Trees. 

Vineyard Irrigation in Arid Climates. 

Testing Milk, Cream, and Skim Milk 
for Butterfat. 

Harvesting and Handling California 
Cherries for Eastern Shipment. 

Artificial Incubation. 

Winter Injury to Young Walnut Trees 
during 1921-22. 

Soil Analysis and Soil and Plant Inter- 

The Common Hawks and Owls of Cali- 
fornia from the Standpoint of the 

Directions for the Tanning and Dress- 
ing of Furs. 












The Apricot in California. 

Harvesting and Handling Apricots and 
Plums for Eastern Shipment. 

Harvesting and Handling Pears for 
Eastern Shipment. 

Harvesting and Handling Peaches for 
Eastern Shipment. 

Poultry Feeding. 

Central Wire Bracing for Fruit Trees. 

Vine Pruning Systems. 

Desirable Qualities of California Bar- 
ley for Export. 

Colonization and Rural Development. 

Some Common Errors in Vine Pruning 
and Their Remedies. 

Replacing Missing Vines. 

Measurement of Irrigation Water on 
the Farm. 

Recommendations Concerning the Com- 
mon Diseases and Parasites of 
Poultry in California. 

Supports for Vines. 

Vineyard Plans. 

The Use of Artificial Light to Increase 
Winter Egg Production. 

Leguminous Plants as Organic Fertil- 
izer in California Agriculture. 

The Control of Wild Morning Glory. 

The Small-Seeded Horse Bean. 

Thinning Deciduous Fruits. 

Pear By-products.